Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hetalia English Cast News + Con Leftovers

Anime Expo has ended. Yet it shall live on in our hearts forever!

Welcome to Blog of a Heretical Dub Lover, I'm your semi-sane host Richard J., here to talk about what I didn't talk about before. First though, lets chat about Hetalia: Axis Powers!

While many were sleeping, Funimation's Char, cosplayer and brandmanager for Hetalia, put up a post the company blog giving us a whole lot of English dub cast information! Here's a list for those who despise videos with the passion of a hot blooded mecha pilot!

Lithuania: Josh Grelle
Estonia: Mike McFarland
Latvia: Ryan Reynolds
Romano: Ian Sinclair
Spain: Dave Trosko
Greece: Vic Mignogna
Liechtenstein: Cherami Leigh
Switzerland: John Burgmeier
Poland: Ryan Bijan
Ukraine: Lydia Mackay
Belarus: Monica Rial
Holy Roman Empire: Chris Cason
Chibitalia: Brina Palencia
Rome: Christopher R. Sabat
Austria: Chuck Huber
Hungary: Luci Christian
Sealand: Maxey Whitehead

They're also planning to announce Russia, China, Japan, England, France, America, Germany, and Italy's VAs one nation a day with special video clips of the English dub for each. Plus, some nations will get extra behind-the-scenes material, where the English dub's creative brains are picked. Perhaps they'll answer the question burning now in the heart of so many Hetalia fans: "is pasta really the key to world peace?"

ANN's article makes mention of the unusual path to us that Hetalia has taken as controversy drove it from a TV showing and onto the Internet, where it's popularity got it additional seasons. I have to wonder how much money the creators saved by not showing it on TV. It's well known that many anime that air on TV in Japan do so because the air time was bought by the production committee for the anime or other producers. Generally speaking, the networks in Japan don't actually pay for anime to air so it costs money to put the show on TV. One wonders if direct to Internet showings would actually save money and allow for higher production values or more episodes.

Anyway, make sure the check out Funimation's sneak peeks at the Hetalia English dub!

Now, let's talk Anime Expo con leftovers! I didn't comment on every piece of news that came out of AX (though I mentioned the stuff I thought was epic enough) so here's a bit of extra on some of the items I didn't discuss.

First, let me once again thank Cliff a.k.a. ExcelGenerations on's AoD forum, who attended the con and helped provide some first hand news! (And no, I didn't bribe him to do it, he's just that cool.)

Okay, on to the con leftovers! Om nom readers, om nom.

One of the few new licenses to come out from AX without any word or rumor of an English dub came from, I'm sure you could have guessed it without thinking, Nozomi/Right Stuf. That series was So Ra No Wo To.

It's okay that there's no English dub though, Nozomi knows what anime fans want! And that's to save money! Thanks Nozomi for helping me to save my money by putting out a product I won't buy. I can use that money to buy more anime with an English dub or pay my ever increasing taxes.

Or I could just turn around and after skipping So Ra No Wo To buy a likely far better series, the beloved masterpiece of social commentary, surrealism and sheer crazy awesome that is Revolutionary Girl Utena! (Which has an old but uniquely capable English dub.) Remastered and to be re-released by Nozomi, Utena is a series that many were waiting for a license rescue on. It's about time this one was gotten. (Ten dollars says it outsells any of their new licenses.)

You know, I think a problem of the anime industry in R1 isn't that people don't want to buy anime, it's that fans sometimes take a long time to find out what anime they want to buy. By the time enough people have bought something, the company has already declared it a failure.

It's sad that Nozomi continues to do only sub-only or license rescues for their new releases. Apparently that's just the way they're going to be forever. (Well this fan doesn't want sub-only so screw you guys.)

Now for some Cliff's Notes, paraphrasing and my opinion mixed in for spice.

A Media Blasters rep spoke about the sales ratio for hybrid anime releases (those with English and Japanese dubs) vs. sub-only ones. According to him, hybrid releases bring in more money but they cost more upfront to do. The company wants to approach niche shows carefully by subbing first. While this makes sense to me, I feel it also hinders the sales potential of the shows. Especially as they've admitted to underestimated several series' potential but they may go back and dub more, depending on how things go. This is in line with other things they've said, which I mentioned in a previous blog.

Also, hentai sells real good and buyers have expressed a desire for an English dub, leading to many adult releases getting English language tracks while regular releases suffered. Perhaps this explains some of Media Blasters recent and very ecchi licenses?

The representative was also a bit dismissive of purist type sub-elite, describing some in a most unflattering fashion according to Cliff. Specifically, he referred to some such posters on the Anime on DVD forum. (Gee, wonder who he could have been referring to.)

It's not surprising to me that they don't have a very good opinion of these elitists. This is the same group that says they don't buy R1 releases, they don't think anime should cost money and that fansub groups are superior to the R1 companies.

Here's a direct quote from Cliff about the Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan special edition release that features an English dub:
BTW Bludgeoning Angle Dokuro Chan is FULL OF WIN! 10/10 must buy! My brother friends and I were up all night laughing our asses off. It' selling like crazy at the Media Blasters booth. I thanked them so damn much.
I think those first two sentences would have looked nice on a DVD case. It also sold a lot of units, remaining in stock only because they brought many copies with them.

Clannad is selling strong too, with one worker saying that they are regularly selling out of the complete collection (you know, the one with the new English dub) and that it did eventually sell out at the con, as did Black Lagoon and Baccano. Cliff's not so sure about some of the other series being sold there though, specifically he thinks Eyeshield's sales were soft. (The curse of sports anime.)

That curse didn't hit Bamboo Blade though as from what was said at the con, it sold very well. A cheap license that sold well, if only we could see a future complete collection release with new extras. (Please Funimation? Please?)

Cliff also informed me that the Hetalia English dub's accents sound pretty damn cool. Sales were very strong for the "con exclusive" My Bride is a Mermaid release, which sold out very quickly. Order your copy today from Robert's Anime Corner Store, or Right "You No Get English Dub" Stuf and sleep with the fishes.

Mmm, Masa.


Cliff had an update on a long awaited title:
Oh Edo Rocket! Will be released on Nov 20th. Funi said it had alot of production delays which caused it's long overdue release. BTW it looks really funny!

So things are looking up on many fronts and down on a few. Anime Expo was great this year for English dub fans and for attendees.

Well that's it for me. I'll post again later this week, probably a review next.



  1. ExcelGenerationsJuly 7, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    Ha Cliff Notes! Like I've never heard that before. :D The Funi Sneak Peek Panel was really cool. I actually want all their titles they showed. Corpse Princess looks like a nice action chick flick w/ monsters.

    My Bride is a Mermaid was looking quite funny and I have part 1 courtesy of being a con exclusive!

    Oh Edo Rocket was a surprise to see. Indeed really funny from what I saw. This will definitely get my purchase.

    Hetalia Axis Powers is by far the most hilarious thing I saw from them. The characters were all sitting down at a type of UN meeting. Talking nonsense and screaming in their accents, especially from Germany. LOL! The clip ended with something like Germany screaming then saying "ask my friend Italy". Camera moves to Italy with a surprised face. ***Ends***

    Eden of the East is my most looking forward to title. Amazing! Suspense, action, conspiracies you name it. The Funi rep even said it reminds him of the Bourne Identity movies. For EoE, it kind of reminds me of Eagle Eye a bit too. Really kick ass show!

    Cashern Sins looks like a big action title. Funi said the main character is somewhat of a rebel type where he thinks he is right, whereas he can be completely wrong. From what I saw he was punching and blowing up robots. The robot he was killing sounded alot like Chris Sabat! :D
    Also DBZ Kai was shown and Funi said it's racking in the ratings on NickToons. Boy did CN fuck that one up or what? Also FMA Brotherhood was shown too. Good stuff!

    For Media Blasters Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro Chan is really amazing. You guys need to get it asap. Hell a friend of mine just bought it yesterday at Fry's Electronics (the last one I may add). And yes MB said some harsh words for a few outspoken people over the internet. It was kind of surprising somewhat, didn't expect it. Anyways yeah get Dokuro Chan! May I dare say the Eng Track was better than the JP track? Actually yeah it was no joke. Both are good but this is by far one of the best dubs I have heard in a long time. And we get ALOT of good dubs nowadays too.

  2. @ Cliff: I apologize for the terrible pun/name joke, I just could not resist. My sense of humor is too warped. ;)

    I'm looking forward to damn near everything too. My savings are dwindling, my c-card payment is late (how did I forget to put a stamp on the envelope?) and unless I can get Zac to let me do some more reviews for ANN, my income is weak.

  3. I own the dub of Dokuro-chan, and it's currently a series I'm watching throughout this week. I agree with Cliff, the show is very fun, and the dub is amazing! :)

    Media Blasters is very interesting, did they really mention a few AoD users by name? That's interesting, lol. It does show that they read forums though. :P
    And am I the only one whose surprised about hentai selling well? I guess porn collectors actually buy stuff, plus adding on the anime fans that buy hentai too... lol

    Great news on Oh Edo Rocket! I'm kinda looking forward to that title! And I definitely want to see more My Bride is a Mermaid as well!

    This was surely a wonderful AX! :)
    I'm looking forward to Otakon, considering I'll be there. (Durarara cast~)

  4. ExcelGenerationsJuly 7, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    No MB didn't mention names. I forgot how the conversation came up but I think I was talking with him about the hentai. He said hentai flat out sells it's the adult industry. Most of their buyers don't want to read their porn. Also releasing hentai censored aka mosaic is just not possible they won't be able to sell it for squat. Then he talked about purist type of people with views on having the absolute original. He said we have different markets and their are a few outspoken people on the internet mainly Anime on DVD. Sometimes they come off as lunatics.

    And what?! You never thought Hentai sells?!?! Hell at my local Fry's Electronics they always have sales for hentai. Walk over and you will see a sign. "Buy 1 Kitty Media product get the 2nd 50% off!" LOL seriously I have a pic of that on my phone.

  5. LOL, well where I live there is no Fry's or even an FYE. The only place to buy anime here is Best Buy, and we know they don't carry hentai, lol.

    I guess I just never thought too much about how it sells since I never really see it around. :P

    And about AoD, yeah, certain users there can be a little... ^^;

  6. @ bal-anime: Something that also shows the willinginess of hentai fans to pay for what they want is the number of sites doing comissioned translations of hentai. One reason I think anime fans could actually band together to pay for licensing or dubbing comes from seeing that.

  7. ExcelGenerationsJuly 7, 2010 at 1:48 PM

    Opps I meant to say Corpse Princess is a chick with guns action flick. Lol opps chick flick... uhh sorry.

    Also I forgot to mention on the last day of AX(sunday) 9:30 am pst I visited the Bang Zoom Voice Acting Panel. Christina V was their guest and boy she was great. She actually broke down and started crying at one point. She literally went from fan to celebrity. Actually doing what she loves. We all applauded her for a good min or two. Amazing experience! Never actually meet VAs till this year. The last half of the panel they had some attendees actually trying their shot at some voice acting. There was a few people who were really good... Christina V even said to one girl that it sounded like an official dub.

    Bang Zoom! had their panel every day but I only went to the last day was busy the other days with industry panels. Really wanted to go to Wendee Lee's!!!

    Day 1 was Steve Blum
    Day 2 was Wendee Lee
    Day 3 was Crispin Freeman
    Day 4 was Christina Valenzuela

    The AX Idol judges I think were Christina V and Johnny Yong Bosch.

  8. I was laughing because I got my preorder of My Bride is a Mermaid a day before the con started, and I'm loving every minute of it.

    I'm also getting excited about Hetalia when I didn't care about it a few months ago. Its actually quite humorous mainly because of the stereotypes, which are wrong, but insanely funny. I'm definitely picking up a copy as soon as rightstuf has a sale on it.

  9. Wow I will be going to Otakon at the end of this month with Bal-kun. Will be my 2nd year coming. So I'll do my best to keep updates on my blog about stuff.

    Wow at @EG thanks for the shows descriptions.

    Even thought I totally didn't care for Doruko-chan, I might buy it.

    As for Clannad, all we need is just After Story dub and I will be happy, even if they don't get the movie.

    I'm just glad there is more dubs, in this poor economy.

    All I wish is there was more places that sold a lot of anime outside of Best Buy. Yes I know Wal-Mart has some, but its just sad.

    I'm sad that So-Ra won't get a dub, I might buy it. It just all depends on certain things at the time of its release.

  10. ExcelGenerationsJuly 7, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    Fry's Electronics sells a whole crap more than Best Buys, it is literally a good 2 car lengths. The hentai section is pretty big too. But I think Fry's is a California thing though. I keep hearing from alot of people that their Best Buys doesn't carry shit for anime anymore. Mine still has quite alot actually. I guess because I live in the Bay Area. Lots of buyers I suppose. I also have 1 FYE semi close and another a little ways out. They carry some but not the sizes compared to my Fry's or BB.

    So yeah when I hear on forums people saying "Oh geez anime is dead To Love Ru isn't being carried at Best Buys. Wah Wah!(sub elites)" I just check Fry's and hey look! They carry it! Apparently I'm lucky where I live. Seriously if 1 store doesn't carry it the other will no joke. I even play price check alot too. BB has some stuff around $45, $50 well guess what Fry's has it for maybe $35 or $40. :)!

    See look at Soul Eater:

  11. As the guy who spent a whole $50 Gift Card in order to buy Soul Eater part 3 at Best Buy, I must say... You lucky Frys people are lucky. >:P

  12. Yeah our Best Buy carries about 5 columns of anime. You take out Bleach and Naruto you're left with about three. When I first started anime, they almost have a one full shelf (one side) and another half side.

    I do find it sad that anime fans have to buy online (but at least some titles you don't have to be embarrassed about).

    Hm I might try Fry to see how they deliever, since I use Right Stuf, since its headquarters is like the state over from me.

  13. Ordering online is definitely convenient in that aspect... I mean, imagine taking Kanokon vol.1 up to the cashier, and the looks they'd give... :|

  14. Ordering online is cheaper, less likely to embarass you and probably will be taxed soon thanks to Congress. Still, it's also the best and sometimes the only way to find the anime you want.

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