Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas in 2010!

I know you'll probably read this late but I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

This is an important time of year, where people take a moment to hopefully get past the consumer mania and remember family and loved ones. This is a time for couples, for children and for friends! Take a moment and remind someone you care about that they mean a lot to you and your happy to have them in your life. Far too often, we neglect to tell people how we feel about them because we think they already know.

From someone who struggled with severe depression for years: no, they don't know. They believe sometimes but until you make it clear, they don't know and they doubt. So tell your parents you love them or your spouse how glad you are they said yes or your children how special they are or just a random buddy that they can be pretty cool sometimes.

And remember that Santa isn't just a cute girl with blue hair who bring kids toys, she's also a symbol of humanity's collective ability to suppress the worst parts of ourselves to bring joy to others. Santa is a symbol of our ability to be selfless. Don't focus on the buying or the getting; the season is all about the giving.

Also, forget about that image of a jolly elderly gentleman as Santa. That guy retired a few years back to pursue his mining hobby more seriously (what, you didn't know that was where the coal came from?) His replacement is a lovely and refined young lady.



All last night, Santa went around the world at Mach 100, using her incredible lock picking skills to enter houses and leave gifts. Of course, she's got a lot of helpers too! Her army of elves!

Santa's elves worked for hours that became millenniums last night, just to bring joy the world. It was exhausting work!


Fortunately, good Otaku know to treat Santa's elves with kindness because Santa and her elves are wonderful and sweet!

Also, Santa has been known on occasion to, when sufficiently angered, unleash a horde of living nutcracker soldiers that marsh endlessly and fire armor piercing candy canes.

Some still live today who witnessed the Great North Pole Civil War wherein the previous Santa launched a dashing counter-offensive against an entire squadron of Reindeer equipped with heat-seeking eggnog rockets with just himself, 3 nutcracker soldiers and a ninja. (Needless to say, Santa won that fight but the mysterious Mr. X continues to battle to turn Christmas into X-mas! Fight him wherever you can!)

Santa fights to keep Christmas as more than just a day where the retail stores bask in the glorious profits that make it possible to keep millions employed and feeding their children. Santa fights to make sure everyone remembers Christmas is really about giving and bringing happiness and acceptance to all of humanity, regardless of religion or anything. Only a kind heart is needed to enjoy the special happiness of giving to make other's happy!

Though the getting can be pretty sweet too.


I got the first set of G-Gundam! Did you get anime too? If you did, please post about it!

If not, is there something you'd like to share about Christmas in 2010? A happy moment with someone important to you? A special gift? Please post if you want to.

Remember, the joy is in giving and spending time with those you love but most of all, it's in spreading the happiness inside you to all the good people of this world!



Thursday, December 2, 2010

MB to Fans: Kashimashi and Loveless Dubs Coming!


I haven't had much time to blog lately due to upcoming Law School finals (pray for me) and spending time with my family over Thanksgiving break (when I should have been studying for finals) but I've got to comment on this news! We'll have to wait until next year but here comes some English dub action for Loveless and Kashimashi!

You may recall I mentioned Sirabella's talk of a Loveless dub way back.


Wow, MB is really making an attempt lately. If only they weren't sucking so badly at actually getting the shows out. Hopefully, they'll start getting their act together soon because I'd like to own these. (Quality issues notwithstanding.)

I've actually been interested in Loveless since I came across the first episode on a Newtype-USA preview disc. The sub-only release annoyed the daylights out of me back then and still does. However, it will be nice to see it finally get a chance to shine in English. (Well, hopefully they don't screw up on the English dub.)

Loveless could do very well with an English dub. It's already sold well to hardcore fans and now it has a chance to draw in new fans. The series may get a second-wind from this.


Kashimashi was a show I actually watched about halfway through via fansubs. I liked it and hoped for a license, fully expecting an English dub to be had because I reasoned that the show was a good mix of successful genres and could easily reach beyond just the "oh, is that lesbian loving?" fanbase. Sadly, MB wasn't as confident about it as I was but I feel a small bit of satisfaction now. Guess sub and dub fans can both have what they want with this series now. We'll need something new to fight over.


Yeah, that should do until the next big battle comes along.

The manga kicks the anime's butt a bit but Kashimashi is pretty damn good in any format. Looking forward to this one!

Regardless of past feelings, this is great news once again for English dub fans!

So when does the other shoe drop?

Seriously, I know bad news is coming from somewhere so where and when?


Wow, maybe Fan Love is really winning the battle after all.


Well, after getting good news and staying up past my bed time, I have to go. Again, pray for my success on my Law School exams. (Or if you have no faith in a deity, please just wish me the best of luck. I can use all of that I can get!)