Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Message and Strike Witches Contest Winners!


I hope that you've taken time today to remember the sacrifices made throughout the history of this country, the lives lost on all sides, so that you can have the freedom to pursue your own happiness without fear of your life or liberty being taken from you by the whims of aristocracy. Please know that what we were born with is not guaranteed. Only by recognizing threats to our liberty and defying those who would impose their will upon us, can we as a nation retain our sacred rights. The wisdom of our founders should help to guide us.

Soldiers, thinkers, the wealthy and the poor, we have always tried to come together in times of crisis and suffering to bring a light of liberty into the darkness. It is my most solemn wish that we may see this nation through it's current time of troubles.

May we shepherd the state toward a rebirth and bring our nation back to a time of prosperity, liberty and true hope.

Thank you for your support of this blog. There are many places in this world where having a free-thinking blog leads to prison. Remember the simple truth that you were created with the right of free-will, the right to choose a path of your own making and to be secure in your possessions and body against the undue whims of rulers. I ask that you take a moment to think of the liberty you were born with and remember that many people have died in our history, men and women, educated and not, wealthy and not, of all ages, creeds and races, that you might have your inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

And that is all the seriousness from me you'll have to deal with for a while! (I hope.)

Today being the 4th of July, we've reached the end of my Strike Witches contest! The names of all the contestants were written down on pieces of paper and mixed thoroughly in a box before being drawn, so that the winners would be chosen at random! The date of the contest's end was intentional though, as the overall goal of the witches in the series is to defeat the Neuroi and liberate the conquered European lands.

Will they succeed? Will you enjoy finding out? Does the show deserve the criticism it gets? It's time for 3 lucky winners to learn those answers!

Those winners are:
Dana Staab

Matt Ryan

Jacob Gehman

Thanks to everyone who participated. Although you did not win your own set of Strike Witches, I hope you will consider buying this series for your collection and that you will continue to support this blog! Perhaps my next contest will be luckier for you.

For now, Bye-ni!


  1. Aaw, Amanda didn't win after all, oh well.

    Congrats to the winners! :)
    And a happy 4th of July to you, Richard!

    BTW, in the end how many people entered the contest?

  2. Congrats to the winners.

    Happy 4th of July (wish other place get a good firework show since it has been raining here). Hope everyone has a good time and doesn't forget the meaning.

    Now that my break is over, I have to go back to my review.

  3. @ bal-anime: 10 entries came in. I was hoping for at least that so I'm happy.

    I'm hoping to do more contests in the future, though probably not many with multiple winners (unless someone donates DVDs/Blu-Rays) because I'm actually pushing things to afford my own personal anime buying, let alone things for a giveaway. (And now the shipping costs!)

    I've had a pretty nice 4th so far. Very relaxing and thoughtful.

  4. ExcelGenerationsJuly 4, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    Happy 4th of July! Just got back from AX! Relaxing a bit from the drive. Grats to those who won their very own copy of Strike Witches! It is truly a great show. I think in a little bit I'll go and see the new Avatar The Last Airbender movie. After that I'll take some pictures of all the goodies and some info that goes along with them. :) Maybe Richard can post a few? Some are really cool! :D Have a nice and safe 4th of July everyone!

  5. @ ExcelGenerations: Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Depends on what's there.

    Good luck with the Avatar movie, I've heard a LOT of bad reviews. The previews look pretty damn nice though. (I just wish the tie-in merch wasn't pretending the animated series never existed. "Based on the movie by M. Night. . ." that actually pisses me off a little.)

  6. Hello- sorry it took so long to come back. It's wonderful time of year where my normal work schedule gets hucked in a blender and I have to reset all my hobbies weekly. Anyway, I entered the contest in the hopes of finding out just what this show was about- was it the innapropriate fanservice fest I'd read about? Well, as a expected, it's not nearly as bad as the net made it out to be. What was less expected... is that I really, really LIKE it! There's a very cute show in here! I just wanted to say thanks, becuase I wouldn't have given it a shot otherwise. I've already made some friends take a look, and I look foward to picking up season 2 when it releases here. :)

  7. @ D.Staab: Sorry to hear your work schedule is so crazy but I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed Strike Witches!

    When I watched Strike Witches, I was honestly stunned by the sheer inaccuracy of the attacks on it. The hyperbole, the extreme exaggeration, it just boggled my mind as to why some people were so bothered by a show that's really no worse (in fanservice/nudity/sexual content) terms than any other anime of recent years.

    I hope you'll consider entering the next Strike Witches give-away contest!