Friday, July 9, 2010

Hetalia's Japan Revealed: Christopher Bevins.

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Continuing my probably pointless coverage of Hetalia: Axis Power's English dub cast reveals as Funi does them, despite some already knowing via other clips, Richard J. here to blog. Today's VA of choice, Christopher Bevins!

Blah blah, haven't seen enough Hetalia to be considered an expert. Yadda yadda, just my opinions. Jibber jabber, anime is awesome.

New from previous posts here is the inclusion of a Hetalia World Buffet episode, a short video exploring the creative process behind the English dub and other production-related issues. It's a little silly in spots but it is interesting, with packaging mock-ups, talk about graphic designs with Diana Zaky, the discovery of an extras disc (what will be on that?), convention freebies and the chibi-explosion bandanna. Plus Japanese food. Yummy!

A fun little video but the sound was kind of wonky in places.

Now, lets talk about Japan's characterization in the clip, though very briefly as I think having a cursory knowledge of Japanese culture and history is a responsibility of any anime fan. Personally I thought the accent was very under-played, meaning they didn't make him sound like he's spouting engrish at all turns. (I admit to being worried about that.) At the same time, it's a bit too subtle I think. At least in that clip, I could barely tell there was an accent. It sounds so natural that you almost don't notice it.

Then again, that may be a result of the quiet and elegant tone of voice as much as from intent. Fitting for a nation that is a thinker. Japan's scientific advancements aren't limited to anime you know. Of course, Japan has baggage like most other nations too, especially ones that went through an imperialist phase. Like many nations that have gone through such a phase, Japan would very much like to move on and put the past in the past. The stain on the nation's honor isn't easy to clean.

Providing Japan's English dub voice is Christopher Bevins, an actor, ADR director and script and line producer. The man has a gift for disappearing into his roles. In one series, he can be a brash hothead, in another a smooth talker who oozes sophistication. While it's not fair to say that actors who lack a large vocal range are poorer actors, it does make them easier to identify. Christopher Bevins is a chameleon.

Listen to Apollo in Aquarion, then Dr. Schneider in El Cazador De La Bruja and then Kanone in Spiral. Go ahead, I'll wait. They don't sound hardly anything alike. Same guy, this guy and now he's going to bring Japan to English dub life. Groovy.

Still, I'm not sure quite yet about this performance. The VA's talent is undeniable but that accent was a little too modest for my ears, I expected something a little thicker. Perhaps it's just the clip itself, which is largely poking fun at Japan's love of cute while also saying "hey, we rock technology" or maybe I was just expecting the wrong thing. This accent is very simple, very natural, so it feels much less comedic. The scene is very early in the Axis' relationships and Japan is very subdued early on. I want to hear more before I really decide.

I'm neutral on this pick for now. I'll be back for more soon to talk about Hetalia: Axis Powers! (And if Funimation will stop for a while so I don't have to make more than one post a day, I'll have reviews!)

Tell me your views my followers. Am I wrong about the accent? Does Japan automatically get a pass because anime rocks? Thumbs up or thumbs down on the Hetalia World Buffet? Post it notes.


To chibi or not to chibi, that is the question.



  1. I thought the Engrish worked well. :0

    Also, Christopher Bevins is awesome.

  2. Wow amazing! I can't believe I didn't want this show till I saw that sneak peek at AX. Can't go wrong with a funny racist show. Brilliant!

  3. Hmm. I could go either way the accent. It fits in certain ways. I like it.

    It's just to bad I really haven't heard of Bevins at all in any of the anime I watched.

  4. @ wilhelminaanime: It's not surprising you've never heard of him despite his body of work. Some of his best work has been in shows that weren't exactly huge sellers or playing characters that weren't the focus of the series.

    If you check his filmography and have some of the shows he's been in, you might want to do little "listen for the actor" for fun.

  5. My first time hearing Bevins was in Spiral (one of the first anime series' I bought on DVD) as Kanone aka Kanon.

    I kinda wish there was a second Spiral anime that followed the manga. Kanon had some really great moments that the anime didn't cover, and I'd love to hear his take on that characterization of Kanon...

  6. I have Spiral and some day get El Cazador. It's just that I haven't gotten to it yet. Both I do plan to watch this year (or the start of next year). So I will hear by then.

  7. JAPAN IS HOT <3

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