Friday, July 2, 2010

Funimation Wins The Con!

ANN just posted so much win for Funimation it makes my head feel explodey!


Funimation has licensed for simulcast (and probably more) Shiki, Black Butler season 2, Sekirei: Pure Engagement, Legend of the Legendary Heros and Sengoku Basara season 2!

Plus God loves us because they also got Darker Than Black season 2, Shana season 2, the movie and pretty much the whole franchise, A Certain Magical Index to go with the Railgun license and the Trigun movie! (And that last one will be out in theaters!)


Oh God, I've wanted more Shana for so long and now, I almost feel like I could cry! Damn it Funi, if you dare to re-cast, I'll kill myself, take over hell and return from the depths as an unholy abomination that H.P. Lovecraft would have worshiped as the supreme being. Do not screw this one up!

Get me those OVAs and Omake too please! I'm so psyched!

And wow, I was certain Darker Than Black season 2 was screwed out of a dub! I'm so happy to be wrong.


They license rescued some of the all-time best Geneon series! Texhnolyze, Ai Yori Aoshi, Armitage III, Haibane Renmei, the Hellsing TV series, Serial Experiments Lain, and tons of Tenchi franchise stuff!

Special detail from the Panel Report:

According to data collected from their DVD surveys, the majority of anime fans are dub fans, so Funimation will continue to produce dubs for every title that they release. Interestingly, from the same surveys, it appears that although 51% of anime fans are ages 25+, and 40% are in the 18-24 demographic, the largest source of new fans is the 13-17 market.


In your face sub-elite! To regular sub-fans, lets unite and help to grow the anime fanbase more and more!

Kiss the foot of Funi! Heck, even racing fans are celebrating right now, since Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Nationwide! (The universe is in a good mood tonight.)

There's so much win in this news, I can't even contemplate it right now.

I just feel. . . happy.

Thank you Funimation for truly making me feel good during a time of personal and familial hardship. You have given this fan a moment of pure bliss.



  1. I really wish I could say more, but you've said everything, and all I can add is this:

    I love you, FUNimation. <3

    Now really, after all these years we're finally getting Shana Second~ And that must really mean we're steps away from getting other fabulous sequels too! (When They Cry Kai and Nanoha StrikerS may not be too far behind!)

    In the end, this has been a wonderful Anime Expo! I too am extremely happy right now! 2011 will be a wonderful year!

  2. Oh, and I can finally see Tenchi again. That's cool too. I haven't seen it since Toonami days.

  3. Shana, OMG, OMG, OMG. Ok I thought K-On wouldn't be topped, I was wrong. I'm so glad that the rest of Shana is coming to the US. And it will be dubbed and that makes me happy. I just want to re-see the whole series already. (Blu-Ray too would be nice :D)

    Toaru, yay, another one I know nothing about outside of the Shana extra. It looks interesting so I'm getting it. I'm just glad neither of these two went to subtitle companies.

    As for rescues, yay on Ai Yori Yoshi, I just hope they have both seasons. The rest I know nothing about and would have to research. But yay for older anime coming back.

    I'm starting to think, the anime market is strong then we think. If the way Funimation and now Sentai has been going dub heavy.

    This to me makes up that So-ra(to lazy to spell the rest) is going to be subbed. It makes me sad, but these made me happy.

    Lastly, I'm glad for Jr win in his Daddy's OLD car, now if can only do that Cup side. He was so choked up, I'm happy for him.

  4. Opps forgot, Familiar of Zero, Higurashi, and Nanoha, and Fate Stay Night (Movie)can't be too far behind now.

    I know they said something about FoZ, but it can't be too too behind now. That they got at least one of Geneon "big" sequel titles.

    I just have a hunch, that Higurashi remaining series will be at Otakon.

  5. Vampire Bund is going to be unedited fully according to some of the questions. This is from Bal-kun talking to me earlier.

    19:03:32 Q: Dance in the vampire bund unedited?
    19:03:36 A: 100% yes
    19:03:31 we will do an unedited version as it was in japan

    That also adds frosting to the cake.

  6. I am SUPER PSYCHED for Shana 2 to finally be released in America. I've purposefully waited to watch it and now its paying off. I cannot wait for Shana and Railgun to be dubbed.

    This makes up for the lackluster announcements earlier this year. I'm a happy camper and my wallet is already dreading 2011.

  7. @ bal-anime: I'm glad my comments fit your mood! Shana is one of my all-time favorite Geneon releases (even the extras ruled, Naze Nani Shana was adorable!) and I'm excited to see it coming back!

    Also, thanks for the Vampire Bund news! Very welcome indeed!

    @ wilhelminaanime: Another Ai Yori Aoshi fan! Have you read all the manga? The ending was great in my opinion!

    My mother loves racing and I couldn't help but mention the win. Plus there's something truly heartwarming about it, given it was his father's car and Jr had a bad year last year.

    @ allengator86: My wallet already committed sepuku to avoid it's fate.

  8. @Richard

    As for the manga, no. I really wish I would read more manga. I just have no room for it. It looks like a cute and enjoyable anime.

    Also I fully agree with you in the Jr part.

  9. ExcelGenerationsJuly 4, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    Yeah this was the huge announcement that I wanted to attend but AX screwed me big time! Their official scheduled book had Funi's Industry Panel and Sneak Peak Panel swapped by accident. Oh well I still heard some of the awesome news while at AX. Funi's Sneak Peak Panel was full of win as well. Great first looks at some of their upcoming shows and a few that have already been released such as DBZ Kai and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

    Rojas from Funimation was recording us so I would assume my friend and I will pop up on their youtube channel and or blog. Really great vacation. This beats all the previous years by far.