Thursday, January 21, 2010

Media Blasters Does the Dub!

Being away from an Internet connection for days as well as dealing with info from a company that rarely makes a big deal of it's acquisitions makes knowing what the bloody heck is going on difficult. Such is the fate of anyone trying to pay attention to Media Blasters who doesn't track every thread on (the Anime on DVD section of course!) that they will miss something important.

You know, like a license announcement for Kanokon.


Now, I don't like how Media Blasters does things normally but. . . . Oh hell, they've got me on this one. I've been secretly hoping for this to get licensed for a while. (Animal ears, animal spirits, massive cat girl love yet I still don't like Furry stuff? Odd huh.)

They announced the license for Kanokon back around January 15th. (No Internet access at that time. Out of state trip. Had a near death experience, other than that the trip was okay.) Guess my original belief that by A level titles they meant "mainstream and fanservice" was accurate huh? (Too bad Simoun and Strawberry Panic weren't constantly flashing panties or we'd have dubs for them too. Sigh.)

Not sure about the OVA series. Hopefully yes.

Of course, MB is getting more English dub friendly lately.

Do you want some Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan?


Turns out Sirabella saw the light and now we're getting a re-release of it with an English dub! Damn, just when I thought I could welsh on that fansub debt forever. Now I'm going to have to get it. (Aw, I can't wait to hear what they do with it dub wise. I mean, that should be worth the bucks no matter what right?)

I'll try to talk casting before the releases.

Now, if all of that weren't enough, apparently Loveless did so well, they want to dub it too but it's doing so well as is they aren't sure when they'll do it.

"The issue right now is that it is doing way too well at [the Best Buy retail chain] in the [Slimpack repackaging] so we will wait."

Quoth Sirabella also: Media Blasters will release less boys-love material and more "bigger stuff like [Ikki Tousen] and [Blade of the Immortal]." (Ah, ANN does the reporting, I do the copypasta.)

Wait, haven't MB's reps been saying previously that the boys-love stuff sold well? I seem to remember reading that. Perhaps I am mistaken. Or maybe they're just trying to get away from homosexual-esque material? They rarely seemed to consider such series dub worthy and even with a big seller, they're getting out of the genre? Hmm, makes you think.

Anyway, that's been you're English dub update for anyone who, like me, stumbled across the news without prior knowledge. Remember, I'm not a reporter, just a connection-less blogger doing this mainly for LULz.

Oh, and for you of course. Every new reader makes me stronger. Like a demon devouring souls except I'm not a demon. Really. It was never proven.


*I screwed up the pics a bit. This should be better.


  1. Well glad you had "fun" on the trip and at least made it back.

    I'm getting Kanokon for sure. AThat show looks interesting. s for Dokuro-chan, didn't care for series, but I'm glad they are going to dub it. It is an anime, that should have been dubbed right away.

    Thanks for the update, I can't wait until April 27, 2010. (Dokuro-chan is the 20th of April).

  2. Generally I like Media Blasters, but was saddened that they released so many things sub-only before. The fact that they're getting more into dubs lately makes me happy.

    I watched Kanokon fansubs (don't kill me ;-;) back when it was airing and it was pretty nice, I'll be getting the singles of it and I greatly look forward to the dub!
    As for Dokuro-chan, I bought the original set back when it came out, and will be double-dipping just for the dub, should be fun.

    Anyway, I'm glad you've got stuff from Media Blasters you're planning to get. No offense, but it apeared to me that you may have been a liiittle too hard on them at times, though I understand your frustration at their sub-only releases and the IT dub decision.

  3. By the way, what's your opinion on Queen's Blade? I've decided I'll check out at least the first volume, but some friends of mine say that it's a terrible show and are surprised and a bit sad that I'm considering watching it. :|

  4. @ bal-anime: I won't kill you for watching fansubs of Kanokon! Watched them for Dokuro-chan myself and others, I don't watch them anymore but I dabbled for a while there.

    While I'm against fansubs on principle now, if they are used to watch a few episodes, not all of the series, to "preview" it then I'm okay with someone watching them. (If you watch the whole thing and say you like it you'd better buy it though!)

    Like wilhelminaanime posted, I thought Dokuro-chan was a show that deserved a dub straight out. The failure to dub multiple shows which I believed were more than capable of being successful with dubs was what made me INTENSELY dislike MB in the first place. Now that they've shown a clear willingness to redress some of their errors, I feel more supportive.

    On Queen's Blade, I've not seen the series but it sounds like a fanservicey fun time. (I'm interested in Kanokon for similar reasons.)

    I'm all for taking advice when it is good or useful but I've found that when it comes to entertainment, you just can't always rely upon other's opinions. Your friends may be complaining about a show they did't watch or evaluating it as if it were supposed to be a different genre.

    From what I know about the series, it is very ecchi, there's action and there's Yuri themes. This is enough for me to know I'm likely to like the show. You have to know what you expect out of it to consider it worth buying.

  5. Wow, it'd be great to have a Loveless dub... Do you have the link to that interview?

  6. Ah, never mind. I see that it was in the Kanokon license announcement. Silly me, not checking out the links first! Thanks for the heads-up, this is quite the interesting development...