Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Funimation's Roll-Out Riot Day 2: The Continuation (UPDATED)


Okay, now I'm feeling the same annoyance as others.

Today Funimation, still a great company though clearly someone in marketing has completely misunderstood the meme of Rickrolling and thinks it is an enjoyable hobby, announced more live action licenses, this time two more live action movies.

Now, I was willing to be VERY UNDERSTANDING yesterday. Today I'm not so understanding. I'm sure Kamui Gaiden and RoboGeisha are someone's idea of awesome. (I must admit that RoboGeisha's name alone has me intrigued on sheer WTF? power. Everything's better with geisha right?) Still, I'm now officially disappointed.

I admit, perhaps anime fans have brought some of this upon ourselves through the constant infighting and biting of the hand that licenses for us. Perhaps collectively anime fans deserve some form of punishment for tolerating the wanton piracy and the fan-on-fan abuse, but at the same time are we not to be praised and rewarded for taking what money we have after government theft and living costs and spending that remainder on anime? Are we not consumers and fans who CARE about Funimation? Why must we be tortured like this?

Perhaps this is still just a lead up for we, the anime fans who made Funimation's market share mastery possible. Perhaps there will be anime tomorrow.

For today, unfortunately,

Riot Rating:

1 of 4.



Will I be able to use the other ratings images? I'm beginning to wonder.


*UPDATE: Small addition: Here's a quote from the Funi Blog's commentary section from Jackie Smith, Senior Public Relations Manager, FUNimation Entertainment*:

Live-action films has done very well for us since we first started distributing them with Shinobi in 2006 and interest in titles such as these has only been growing in recent years. We have seen great buzz for all of these titles and that buzz translates to great turnouts at theatrical and film festival screenings and ultimately — at retail. Also, asian film fans have become anime fans as a result of seeing these films and learning more about FUNimation and our titles. All forms of entertainment are subjective, you may love or hate it but there are fans or detractors for every genre. Try to get along.
That being said – anime is coming. Some of you will be very excited and some of you won’t – but your happy day will come.


  1. I was irritated yesterday, but today I'm just sitting back and enjoying the fireworks on this one.

    I have a feeling that by the end of all this, fans will kissing FUNi's feet as usual. There's a trend here. They've announcing multiple acquisitions every day, so it stands to reason that it'll continue being this way since there's only 3 days left. Once they pick up a bunch of license rescues and new titles, all will be forgiven.

  2. I really have nothing to say except:
    *sits back and waits for the anime to show up*

  3. I'll just repeat on here what I said on there. If Funi continues announcing this kind of stuff, it really will be a "riot".

    Though they have people worked up before, talking big about the announcements this week, so its only fair we expect some anime instead of live action stuff.

    I just hope my socks are knocked off sometime in the next three days.

  4. I'm glad they're setting up new revenue sources and all that. I might even buy a few of these. But yeah, I'm an anime fan and I'm officially disappointed.

    If tomorrow is more live-action, I think I'll go a little crazy. (Look forward too it?)

    And I have 3 more cute Fate Roll-Out Riot level pics to use. (Cries a little inside for wasted minimal effort to make them.)

    The one used so far is cute though right? Soul soothing yes?

  5. Sounds like more movies/live action news is on the way, at least that's what I got out of Jackie's comment post. We better brace ourselves. We will hopefully get some anime we can be excited about.

    Until then, let's just shake our heads at the people who need to use all caps and say Funimation is going bankrupt. They are good fodder.