Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funimation's Roll-Out Riot Day 3: Day Break

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. More or less.

Mostly less.

Funimation finally proves we shouldn't doubt them quite so much. Today we got news of a new anime licence during the Roll-Out Riot's third day!

This license is FLCL.

This is better than nothing again right? Well, okay, not really quite what everyone was hoping for but I'm nodding in approval. Actually I'm just damned grateful to see an anime license period at this point as two days of live-action was beginning to really worry me.

We're getting a DVD and a Blu-Ray release in 2010, which is very nice and it'll be a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to get the previous releases. Still, a license rescue right now is a bit disappointing but compared to the last two days, it's a lot better. Splash page here.

Two of my personal favorite VAs are in this English dub though so I'm going to take this news as positive one and bump this day a notch on the ratings meter.

Kari Wahlgren stars as Haruhara Haruko and Stephanie Sheh, here credited as Jennifer Sekiguchi, plays Samejima Mamimi. These are two talented ladies and I'm sure they make this dub a great one. (I've heard praise for it before now. Back then it was OOP and uber expensive. This re-license will make it affordable again!)

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm disappointed yet again that there are no big license announcements. I think anime fans as a group need to take a moment and consider the implications of this and, if they value licensed content, especially English dubbed content, start fighting piracy and promoting wanton consumerism and glutonous consumption of Funimation product. (No, they did not bribe me to post this. I'm actually a bit worried right now. Is Funimation losing that much money on anime right now?)

For today, I make my post and hope that all of you my readers can feel that I'm not making a foolish rating. Here's to the first and hopefully far from last anime license announcement for the Roll-Out Riot!

Riot Rating:

2 of 4.


I know there's a plural in that pic but forget about that. I made these things earlier and never figured we'd have such slim pickings. However, this is a good first step in the right direction so I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt here.

Though God please let there be more than just three anime licenses this whole week. Thursday and Friday need some anime meat on their live-action bones.



  1. FLCL is definately a favorite cult anime for many fans, so this is a good pickup for Funi. I tried watching it one time and just couldn't get into it. Perhaps I can try watching it over the weekend and see if I can change my mind. I will say eneb though I am unenthusiastic about this announcement, you can definately see some fans going nuts, so I guess this is a good pickup.

  2. This is a good choice for an anime to rescue, I expect it to do well for them. I'm unsure if I'll get it or not, I probably will though.

  3. Well it is better then nothing. I will probably not get it. I saw it once, and it wasn't my taste. But it is an interesting save and I think they did a good job recovering. I was hoping more, but I will settle for this.

    Cute picture of Fate-chan.

  4. @ Wilhelminaanime: Not sure myself if I'll be getting it either. When it first came on, it wasn't to my tastes at all. Nowadays though, I'm fairly omnivorous.

    Like ya'll, I'm seeing the benefits of this finanically for them and no so much personally for me so far.

    Glad you approve of the Fate pic! Wish I knew who drew it so I could find more like it.

    Hope tomorrow makes us all happy!