Friday, January 8, 2010

Funimation's Roll-Out Riot Day 5: Final Plus!!!

A big surprise license today, the final day of the Roll-Out Riot as Funimation nabbed Hetalia: Axis Powers and The Sacred Blacksmith! This triggered a big "whoa, really!" from me the moment I saw it.

Lets go to Hetalia: Axis Powers for a minute. First, there were considerable rumors floating about that this series was explicitly NOT on Funimation's short list of things to license. (Of course, that rumor always sounded like crap to me since it claimed they were against it's "homosexual nature" or some junk.) Second, this series has generated a lot of fan love and a lot of controversy. Third and final, it's getting longer all the time and is pretty popular in Japan, which usually means expensive.

Apparently they love it anyway. Definitely a good choice given the huge fan buzz and I'm very interested in it myself as the whole concept of personifications of nations is funky. While there are other shows I'd have preferred to see, this is a great choice.

Next we have The Sacred Blacksmith, a fantasy adventure with a lady warrior protagonist is likely to do well and attract buyers. I'm a big fan of this genre myself and again, I've heard positive buzz about this series. (Also it's based on light novels and anything that brings more attention to such books is great.)

I'm not too surprised this one was on Funimation's radar.

Now, let's talk about the subtext around here.

First and foremost, if you like a really long running show that isn't also very short in episode run-time (like Hetalia) you may be screwed for now. Second, the Geneon sequels are likely still tied up in Red Tape. Third and final, maybe Toradora isn't the surefire winner title people think it is? 'cause everyone seemed to think it would be the Friday announcement and ho-hummed about it. Well, where is it people?

Answer: Either we're going to see it later rather than sooner on Funi's blog or it's already gotten by Section23, the only other company likely to want it. (Rumor has it a certain suicidal sensei is already in MB's hands.) As for others, with the market dying, probably too expensive. Got to love anime fandom! It eats it's own young then complains about depopulation!

So, thus ends the Roll-Out Riot.

I had hoped to see today be filled with a lot of licenses, especially sequels, (my sister hoped for several series like Rosario Vampire) but this is a very good and very surprising license day. Also, word from insiders has it that we can expect more license news in the next few months! (Let's hope.)

Today wasn't what it would have been if I were in charge but damn if they didn't do something surprising and awesome.

Riot Rating:

4 of 4.


Well, that's it for me for now. Remember there's a review coming soon!



  1. I'm not entirely sure how to describe my thoughts on these.
    Hetalia has "the next Ouran" written all over it. I may see it at some point, I'm not really sure. At least it's sure to sell well with all the fans of it out there.
    And the Blacksmith anime seems kinda meh, but I may look into it.

    Looking forward to the Spice and Wolf review! I'm currently watching that and am nearing the end. It's been pretty fun so far.

  2. I have heard a lot of Hetalia, it seems ok. It's length seems a little short. It will sell, but it seems more a massive fan girl anime.

    Blacksmith too me, actually looks the most interesting of all the titles. But I will have to look into it.

    I wanted Toradora, but I had a feeling it Funimation wouldn't "get it". But it seems, even the economy is greatly effecting Funimation. Since they got no Geonon sequels, or "top" name anime. I'm more surprised they didn't go for any of their own titles originally, sequels.

    I'll be watching Spice & Wolf, some time in March. So I'll probably have to wait for your review.

  3. Personally, this whole week was a disappointment. I am not really interested in any of these titles and highly doubt I will purchase a single one. Funi kind of dropped the ball with the first two days with just live action stuff, but in my opinion they didn't recover from it. Sure, I'm a little disappointed none of my picks were mentioned, but when nothing they announce interests me, it makes me slightly sad. I'm probably going be more wrathful on my blog.

    I hope these titles do well for Funi and gives them more money and stuff. Sounds like Hetalia and FLCL are more or less the highlights of the week, and I hope the others do well as well. I looked at the announcements from last year and the only one that interested me was Soul Eater (which admittedly I wouldn't have cared about when announced either), yet I find things I want to buy from them often. Heck, I just bought 7 or so titles from Rightstuf just yesterday. Maybe its a good thing considering cash will be tight for me pretty soon.

    I haven't heard about Sensei possibly being licensed by MB. They would be my second choice for releasing it, hopefully dubbed if they in fact have acquired it. After doing some quick research it looks like an unverifiable for now. If its true about that and Moyashimon, then I will be intrigued at that time.

  4. I haven't been overwhelmed either but I have to give them credit for getting a lot of fans fired up and preparing money makers. Sadly, the longer I think about it, the more I think any series they've got that has a sequel that hasn't already been licensed by them probably isn't being licensed due to low sales.

    If I have time next week (I'm going out of state soon) I'm going to post my "Why Richard J. Almost Left Anime Fandom Rant." It's more or less about everything I hate about the fandom and industry but ultimately becomes a moving tribute to consumerism.

    Or something.

  5. Slowly I think I'm starting to turn into a "fandomite". I'm not saying I'm emo about stuff not happening, but I like most series that people don't and don't like most series that people absolutely love. I just finished typing up my "rant" and realized that I generalized what most people said on there. I'm trying really hard to see these announcements as "half full" for Funi to branch out, but it's sometimes hard for me to say sincerely. I'm definately not going to mock them or anything, but I will acknowledge my overall disappoinment for a week that should not have been hyped as much as it was. It wasn't misleading or anything, but it ended up being less stellar than most people want to admit.