Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funimation's Roll-Out Riot Day 4: Twins!

After yesterday's license rescue, we've got some fresh excellence today!

Now, I'm starting to wonder if the announcements are following a clear pattern and shape because if they are. . . . Friday should be beyond awesome. (Let's not hold our breath though just in case.)

Anyway, today Funimation announced via their blog (though I first saw the notice on ANN due to blog downage) that they have licensed Jyūshin Enbu - Hero Tales, a martial arts fighting 26 episode series and Master of Martial Hearts, a 5 episode OVA of hot girls and street fighting called Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ in Japan. (Which so sounds like something I'd buy!)

The splash pages for Hero Tales and Master of Martial Hearts can found by following the links in this sentence.

Hero Tales looks like a good quest show with battle at the center. This is certainly going to sell well if it gets the right exposure. This sort of series pretty much always sells well. I can dig this kind of show though I'm uncertain about saying straight out that I'll buy it. I need more info but this looks promising.

Master of Martial Hearts must have Carrie Savage somewhere in the cast! This I command! Media Blasters cheated us out of her reprising Hakafu in Ikki-Tousen, lets get to enjoy her voice in this at least! (I mean, this looks like a spiritually similar OVA series.) Probably another decent seller, especially when you factor in the low price Funi will likely ask for it. Hot girls and brawling? If there's clothing damage, I'm there.

Now, we have some fresh series and as previously noted, there's symmetry with previous announcements. Hmm. Hope to see a large number of anime licenses on Friday! (Fingers, toes and eyes crossed! Ow, headache.)

Half season sets for Hero Tales and a single disc complete release for Master of Martial Hearts, since it's just 5 episodes. Why do I already feel like I'm going to lament that shortness?

I am so glad I get to use the next of my Fate ratings!

Riot Rating:

3 of 4!


I'll see all of you, I hope, tomorrow for the final day of this Roll-Out Riot! So far, it's been surprising, confusing, frustrating but ultimately happy-making. I hope you my dear readers are enjoying my poor quality coverage of it!

Another reminder: Spice and Wolf season 1 set review on Saturday. (Assuming nothing tragic happens to me before then.)



  1. I pretty much think the same thing as you, Hero Tales has good sales potential due to who made it and the action theme, but I'm personally unsure if I want to get it. And Martial Hearts sounds like it could be fun, lol.

    Bring on Friday!

  2. I looked at both of these titles...sorry. I couldn't be less interested if you paid me.

    Same thing for FLCL. I watched it once and that was one too many times. Let's hope something recognizable comes through the tubes tomorrow.

  3. Oh by the way, I'm Yuu Anime.

    I think Master of Martial Hearts looks interesting. I might buy it, depending on how much fan service it has.

    As for Jyushin Enbu- Hero Tales, I'm not sure. It looks like it can be good. Not sure about it though, I'd need more information.

    I can't wait until tomorrow.

  4. I know this hasn't been quite the blowout last year was so far but Friday may yet surprise us all.

    Come on Friday! TGIF!