Thursday, March 24, 2011

Richard J.'s Top 5 Contest plus Bonus

Okay, after a minor delay due, I hereby fully and officially open this contest! Here is your chance to enter the Richard J.'s Top 5 Contest and to get your choice of bonus: a new release from what is available at Robert's Anime Corner Store or your choice of where I donate $50 for the charitable benefit of Japan! (Yes that is a bonus too, you get to make a donation by proxy! That's good for your karma!)

Just to make it clear, here is the list of series again:

The winter drama Kanon, the mecha experience RahXephon, the action-packed Gunslinger Girl, the wild sci-fi adventure Outlaw Star and the moving but controversal Koi Kaze.

This contest, click here to enter, will take entries until the July 4th. There are several reasons for this long run time.

First, I want there to be plenty of time for people to enter. Second, I want more time to get my computer issues worked out. (I miss Photoshop.) Third, this way I won't have to worry about shipping the prize to the winner until I'm back home where I can deal with postal workers I know and trust. It's also when the last contest ended so there is symmetry.

Here are the basic rules:
Although highly unlikely, I reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time. This contest is open to any person with a mailing address, prizes will be shipped anywhere! Winners' names will be posted here at Blog Of A Heretical Dub Lover but mailing addresses will be provided only to professional postal staff of my choice. No one else will be told.

Winners' addresses and E-mail addresses will be erased once the prizes have been shipped. Non-winners' names, E-mail and mailing addresses will not be given out to any one and will be erased when the winners have been confirmed. Non-winners will not be contacted, spammed or harassed in any way. I am not interested in ordinary humans! I reserve the right to retroactively add new rules in the unlikely event that they become necessary.

One entry per person/mailing address. Prizes will be box sets of contest insitigator's choice.

Click here to enter
and have a chance to own the series I consider to be my personal Top 5 and get a chance to either get a 6th series box set or the chance to make me donate money on your behalf to a charity of your choice to benefit the Japanese people suffering after the earthquakes and tsunami! Personal gain or altruism, which will the winner choose? (I'll never tell.)

Just like last time, I will post winner's names and if any winner wants, I'll post their comments on the contest or anything else. Also, as always, I welcome ANY comments, even negative ones. I will never delete a comment that I disagree with. Only Spammers will be deleted!

Contest Entry Link!

Bye-ni and good luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest Titles and Question

Hello bloggies and welcome to the contest title listing post. Here you will find a list and as I'm currently on my laptop sitting outside a classroom waiting for a speech, I'll have to get back to you with the contest rules and entry link.

For now, please consider these titles my Top 5 (not in any particular order.)

Kanon: This series focuses on Yuichi Aizawa and his return to the city he spent time in as a child. As he reconnects with girls from his past, Yuichi must deal with both the supernatural and the promises he made then and now. Kanon is about friendship and love and the power of those promised bonds. It is a series I consider to be a true masterpiece of anime and while some will dismiss it due for being moe or based on a visual novel, I think the overall message of the series is too important to ignore. It has one of ADV's most acclaimed English dubs performed by a cast of fan-favorites. Kanon should be a part of every anime fan's collection in my opinion. So here's a chance for you to get it as part of my Top 5 giveaway contest!

Outlaw Star: One of Bandai Entertainment's best series, Outlaw Star is a thrilling space adventure with a great cast of characters and a surprisingly deep plot. While some mysteries are never solved, the central plot of the Galactic Leyline and the purpose of the Outlaw Star itself comes to a powerful conclusion. Outlaw Star's English dub features a number of great performances by the VAs, some of whom you won't hear often or at all in recent productions. It is a classic and a wonderful gateway anime for luring new fans to the anime side!

RahXephon: Some claim this series to be superior to EVA, others say it is not but few if any call if anything less than darn good. Personally, I consider it to be one of the best series out there that merged mecha with epic plots and god-like powers. RahXephon has a rich tapestry of a plot which encompases multiple generations and temporal mechanics plus deep emotional bonds of love and hate. It is powerful series with fantastic battles and considerable plot twists. RahXephon is a series that demands multiple viewings to fully grasp the nature of the character relationships. Get it in this contests and bask in understanding!

Gunslinger Girl: This was my first intentional anime purchase and it convinced me that anime fandom was my destiny. In this story, follow the girls of the Social Welfare Agency and find yourself asking hard questions about their situation. Enjoy the beautiful animation and hauntingly lovely music. Gunslinger Girl can be a hard series to watch at times but it is an amazing anime. The English dub is one of Funimation's finest productions and a powerful action-drama. Add Gunslinger Girl to your collection by entering this contest!

Koi Kaze: What does it mean to fall in love? Koi Kaze explores this question with a twist as it delves into a relationship between a brother and sister who steadily grow closer. The series is controversal and portrays a very difficult subject matter with a degree of honesty and seriousness often lacking in other productions. Koi Kaze isn't a series for casual fans and many anime fans will never see it. Yet this series is one of the best if not the best anime that Geneon Entertainment released before fading away. The English dub features performances that are worthy of critical acclaim and are heart-wrenching sincere. From my contest to your collection, let Koi Kaze into your heart!

So that's the list for the Top 5 contest! Please comment as you see fit about them! I'll be posting the contest rules and entry link in a separate post later. My computer's hard drive died but I've got another in my desktop now. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to re-install or get around a lot of computer red tape to get Photoshop back up and running or get all of my info out of it. Plus my Spring Break was less break and more "run around helping my family to get things in order or face financial disaster" so I've actually got more free time now that I'm back in class than I did then. Yeesh.

If it weren't for my commitment to this contest, I'd not do it at all as it will mean I don't have as much for my own collecting.

Of course, I'm sure this contest will be a dissapointment to some. The titles are older and the genres not very consistent. That being the case, I offer two special options for this contest to the winner! The winner will get their choice of a special bonus!

The winner of this contest will have the right to choose between a new and available title of their choice, order of title to be made through Roberts Anime Corner Store, or a $50 donation to a charity of the winner's choice that is working to help the Japanese people! In other words, you can choose between a new and available anime in addition to my Top 5 or you can choose to have me donate $50 to charity for the Japanese!

Comment on this bonus and let me know if you think it's a good idea. Until later, I'm Richard J. signing off!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Before and After

I ran across these images while looking up news on the disaster in Japan.

The old saying of a picture speaking a thousand words has rarely been truer than here. Take a look and you'll understand the sheer horror of what has happened.

Please remember to give to a legitimate charity seeking to help the people of Japan.

They are going to need it.

I'm sorry to be a downer. I'll try to be more positive tomorrow when I open the contest.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tragedy in Japan

My Dear Readers,

As an anime fan, as a caring human being and as someone who knows what it feels like to lose a loved one, I want to take a moment to ask that we all try to do something for Japan.

Over on Funimation's Blog, they've posted links to several reliable charities that are working to help the Japanese people in the wake of a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a horrific tsunami. While I'm certain we will hear about millions and even billions in pledges and spending from governments, I implore all of you to make some small donation of your own. Please visit the American Red Cross or GlobalGiving's websites for details on where you can direct donations.

ANN has a longer list of choices here.

This tragedy in Japan is very serious. There are over 9,000 missing in Miyagi's Minamisanriku, that's more than half the population of an entire city. Please, think about the sheer weight of this disaster on Japan and the collective body of humanity.

There was an explosion at Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan has declared a state of emergency there. An attempt to reduce the burden on the nation's power grid by anime fans has begun under the fitting moniker of Operation Yashima. (EVA shout-outs while trying to help in a disaster, anime fans are truly amamzing people.)

The death toll in Japan is rising, with at least 1,700 feared dead. Hundreds of bodies were transfered to Sendai in the Miyagi Prefecture and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said:

This is the largest earthquake since the Meiji Era, and it is believed that more than 1,000 people have lost their lives.

I know this blog is often quite silly and maybe a bit self-absorbed but this is serious business my readers. Please take a moment to do your own small part to aid the people of Japan, who have given us all such joy through anime, to begin the recovery from this tragedy. Donate to a reputable charity. Make a post somewhere about the tragedy and how to help. Even just buying some anime/manga/figures/whatever and informing the retailer that it's part of your effort to help the Japanese because of this disaster can make a small difference.

Every small difference combines to make a great difference and help the people of Japan to cope with this horrific event that has befallen them.

Please keep the Japanese in your hearts right now. As fans, I feel we owe them that much at the very least.

Thank you, God bless you and bye-ni!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Media Blasters and More Dubbing + Computer Woes

I'm popping in again to briefly talk about some more English dub news from MB! Well, news in the sense that it's already been announced at real anime news sites but maybe you missed it. I can't keep 100% up-to-date myself due to class work! (Fortunately I'm entering Spring Break soon! I'm going to spend it with my family, hopefully getting them to watch some more anime!)

Anyway, for Kanokon fans (hey, can't we all appreciate a nice guilty pleasure title?) the OVAs have been not only announced but according to this blurb, they'll be dubbed too. Good news but tempered by perviously observed technical errors. Man, hope they go back and fix some of the glaring ones for the complete collection.

I won't hold my breath though. I'm not into that kind of thing.

Also, a previously released sub-only series, Magical Witch Punie-chan will get a re-release with an English dub too according to them. This makes yet another English dubbed re-release from Media Blasters to be happy about! (My magical girl love gets a new show! Especially something like this one.)

Details on both plus a little something for the hentai fan in all of us here.

Magical Witch Punie-chan was previously released in 2008 sub-only. I'm hopeful that this is a sign that the re-releases they've so far are selling well. (I'm still hopeful that perhaps Simoun will get a worthy English dub. I deserves a really good one.)

As I see it, MB is still not in the best of shape and I question their long-term ability to survive, especially considering that we are about to hit a second economic downturn (brace yourselves for that $5+ gas environmentalists wanted to see!) but at the very least, I'm very grateful to them for remembering to serve the needs of anime fans who prefer English dubs to Japanese with sub-titles!

Also, an update on my computer: it is working, more or less, but really needs help. I can barely even log onto this site to make this post!

Hopefully over this coming week, I can get it fixed. I can't really afford a new computer right now on top of my anime habit. (Geez, why does law school have to be so expensive?)

Post any comments you have! I really do read every one and I feel just a little more like my existence has meaning when I see them.


High School of the Dead Dub Cast Revealed!

As I'm sure you've all realized previously, I'm a bit pro-fanservice. Interestingly enough, I've actually been anti-zombie for a while after watching a particular zombie movie and discovering that there was a limit to the amount of gore a man can take in before he loses his taste for it. (The scene in question involved a lawnmower and quite a few zombies. Gooey ewwie.)

When I heard about High School of the Dead, I found myself at first not interested. Then I read a bit about it and started getting interested. Then I heard who the artist was and I just HAD to check it out. I was quite happy when Section23 decided to do an English dub for it. I've wondered for a while who would be cast.

Well, we've got the answer now!


Additional details claimed in this post on's AoD section, official status unverified.

I think this is one of best casts I've seen in a while. I especially like seeing Illich Guardiola for Kouichi Shido. His voice was the very first one that came to mind when I started thinking about an English voice for that character. (No offense whatsoever for Mr. Guardiola, I just think his voice will be perfect.)

I'm also extremely pleased by the casting of Taylor Hannah as Saeko Busujima. Having enjoyed her voice work in a number of other series, I think she's going to just kick ass in this role. Listen to a clip here. Check out all the clips and decide for yourself!

My only negative is for Hisashi Igo being voiced by David Matranga. I don't know exactly why but I REALLY thought Chris Patton would be superlative casting for that role. Sadly, I think he's dropping off the anime radar a bit. (Mr. Matranga is very talented though. I'm sure he'll achieve something great with this.)

I hope to see some High School of the Dead DVDs or Blu-Rays before too long.

So what do all of you my dear readers think about the casting? Are you pleased or pissed? Comment before They get you!