Thursday, March 24, 2011

Richard J.'s Top 5 Contest plus Bonus

Okay, after a minor delay due, I hereby fully and officially open this contest! Here is your chance to enter the Richard J.'s Top 5 Contest and to get your choice of bonus: a new release from what is available at Robert's Anime Corner Store or your choice of where I donate $50 for the charitable benefit of Japan! (Yes that is a bonus too, you get to make a donation by proxy! That's good for your karma!)

Just to make it clear, here is the list of series again:

The winter drama Kanon, the mecha experience RahXephon, the action-packed Gunslinger Girl, the wild sci-fi adventure Outlaw Star and the moving but controversal Koi Kaze.

This contest, click here to enter, will take entries until the July 4th. There are several reasons for this long run time.

First, I want there to be plenty of time for people to enter. Second, I want more time to get my computer issues worked out. (I miss Photoshop.) Third, this way I won't have to worry about shipping the prize to the winner until I'm back home where I can deal with postal workers I know and trust. It's also when the last contest ended so there is symmetry.

Here are the basic rules:
Although highly unlikely, I reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time. This contest is open to any person with a mailing address, prizes will be shipped anywhere! Winners' names will be posted here at Blog Of A Heretical Dub Lover but mailing addresses will be provided only to professional postal staff of my choice. No one else will be told.

Winners' addresses and E-mail addresses will be erased once the prizes have been shipped. Non-winners' names, E-mail and mailing addresses will not be given out to any one and will be erased when the winners have been confirmed. Non-winners will not be contacted, spammed or harassed in any way. I am not interested in ordinary humans! I reserve the right to retroactively add new rules in the unlikely event that they become necessary.

One entry per person/mailing address. Prizes will be box sets of contest insitigator's choice.

Click here to enter
and have a chance to own the series I consider to be my personal Top 5 and get a chance to either get a 6th series box set or the chance to make me donate money on your behalf to a charity of your choice to benefit the Japanese people suffering after the earthquakes and tsunami! Personal gain or altruism, which will the winner choose? (I'll never tell.)

Just like last time, I will post winner's names and if any winner wants, I'll post their comments on the contest or anything else. Also, as always, I welcome ANY comments, even negative ones. I will never delete a comment that I disagree with. Only Spammers will be deleted!

Contest Entry Link!

Bye-ni and good luck!


  1. Hi, I'm a long time reader, first time commenter on your blog. I have to admit, this is a cool contest.

  2. Question... Have you ever received a spam on your blog before? I have never seen one yet lol. I'm actually curious now because the internet is FULL of dub haters. They are everywhere! ><

  3. @ LoCo: I'm glad you like the contest! Always happy to hear from a reader!

    @ Excel Generations: Had at least one spam message get posted but it wasn't dub hate. It was last year and I think it was some kind of pointless racist crap if I'm remembering right. Just an immature troll looking to get someone angry. :rolleyes:

  4. Hey did you guys hear about Angel Beats being licensed by S23 and dubbed!?! That's awesome! My brother showed me some clips awhile ago and that show looked hilarious! I'm glad this one is being dubbed, I will definitely pick it up! I still want YUA dubbed though... :( and Samurai Harem and To Love Ru! :(!!!!!

  5. @Excel Generations
    Yup, I can't wait to preorder Angel Beats!

  6. I can't wait for Angel Beats!
    It makes me wonder what other dubs Sentai has up its sleeves... :3

  7. Wow guys! Check this trailer out it's amazing! Beautiful anime! If you guys never seen it you should totally pick it up! <3 Noir

  8. I went to San Francisco yesterday for day 1 of Wondercon! Meh this con is alright it's basically the sister con for Comic-Con so I go for about a day. It's more American comics like Marvel and DC plus a lot of culture stuff such as Star Wars. Lou Ferrigno is always there! He's the Hulk from the 70s TV Series. There was also Jim Kelly! He stared beside Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.

    I hardly buy merchandise from Wondercon but this year I found some old CPM cards! Bought a few US Manga Corps sets and a Slayers set muahahaha!!! Also Viz Media let me down! Their own backyard in SF and they didn't show this year! I was going to grill them about Monster! I swear they can read minds...

  9. Wonders if I should enter or not. I have two of the five series. I guess I could enter for denotations for Japan.

    As for Monster, I just wish ViZ would take a hit and release the entire show on DVD. But ViZ doesn't seem to care for their longer anime, I wanted MAR finished.

  10. Hey guys! While I was talking with Bal over at Mania I scanned some pics of those cards I bought at Wondercon. I'll post these plus more. Tell me if they come out right.


    The Masters of Japanimation

    The World of US Manga Corps

    Bleach Autographs (Echos)

    Treasure Chests and Booty

    Anime Expo 2010!

  11. Looks like you got lucky at Wondercon Excel Generations. Love the autographs!

  12. Oh the autos I have owned for awhile. I use to collect and play the TCG so I pulled a bunch from packs and bought some others also owned the Treasure Chests and Booty. I just felt like posting them since I have them scanned. I bought the 3 sets of Central Park Media cards from Wondercon. The Slayers and US Manga Corps set 1 and 2. :)