Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest Titles and Question

Hello bloggies and welcome to the contest title listing post. Here you will find a list and as I'm currently on my laptop sitting outside a classroom waiting for a speech, I'll have to get back to you with the contest rules and entry link.

For now, please consider these titles my Top 5 (not in any particular order.)

Kanon: This series focuses on Yuichi Aizawa and his return to the city he spent time in as a child. As he reconnects with girls from his past, Yuichi must deal with both the supernatural and the promises he made then and now. Kanon is about friendship and love and the power of those promised bonds. It is a series I consider to be a true masterpiece of anime and while some will dismiss it due for being moe or based on a visual novel, I think the overall message of the series is too important to ignore. It has one of ADV's most acclaimed English dubs performed by a cast of fan-favorites. Kanon should be a part of every anime fan's collection in my opinion. So here's a chance for you to get it as part of my Top 5 giveaway contest!

Outlaw Star: One of Bandai Entertainment's best series, Outlaw Star is a thrilling space adventure with a great cast of characters and a surprisingly deep plot. While some mysteries are never solved, the central plot of the Galactic Leyline and the purpose of the Outlaw Star itself comes to a powerful conclusion. Outlaw Star's English dub features a number of great performances by the VAs, some of whom you won't hear often or at all in recent productions. It is a classic and a wonderful gateway anime for luring new fans to the anime side!

RahXephon: Some claim this series to be superior to EVA, others say it is not but few if any call if anything less than darn good. Personally, I consider it to be one of the best series out there that merged mecha with epic plots and god-like powers. RahXephon has a rich tapestry of a plot which encompases multiple generations and temporal mechanics plus deep emotional bonds of love and hate. It is powerful series with fantastic battles and considerable plot twists. RahXephon is a series that demands multiple viewings to fully grasp the nature of the character relationships. Get it in this contests and bask in understanding!

Gunslinger Girl: This was my first intentional anime purchase and it convinced me that anime fandom was my destiny. In this story, follow the girls of the Social Welfare Agency and find yourself asking hard questions about their situation. Enjoy the beautiful animation and hauntingly lovely music. Gunslinger Girl can be a hard series to watch at times but it is an amazing anime. The English dub is one of Funimation's finest productions and a powerful action-drama. Add Gunslinger Girl to your collection by entering this contest!

Koi Kaze: What does it mean to fall in love? Koi Kaze explores this question with a twist as it delves into a relationship between a brother and sister who steadily grow closer. The series is controversal and portrays a very difficult subject matter with a degree of honesty and seriousness often lacking in other productions. Koi Kaze isn't a series for casual fans and many anime fans will never see it. Yet this series is one of the best if not the best anime that Geneon Entertainment released before fading away. The English dub features performances that are worthy of critical acclaim and are heart-wrenching sincere. From my contest to your collection, let Koi Kaze into your heart!

So that's the list for the Top 5 contest! Please comment as you see fit about them! I'll be posting the contest rules and entry link in a separate post later. My computer's hard drive died but I've got another in my desktop now. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to re-install or get around a lot of computer red tape to get Photoshop back up and running or get all of my info out of it. Plus my Spring Break was less break and more "run around helping my family to get things in order or face financial disaster" so I've actually got more free time now that I'm back in class than I did then. Yeesh.

If it weren't for my commitment to this contest, I'd not do it at all as it will mean I don't have as much for my own collecting.

Of course, I'm sure this contest will be a dissapointment to some. The titles are older and the genres not very consistent. That being the case, I offer two special options for this contest to the winner! The winner will get their choice of a special bonus!

The winner of this contest will have the right to choose between a new and available title of their choice, order of title to be made through Roberts Anime Corner Store, or a $50 donation to a charity of the winner's choice that is working to help the Japanese people! In other words, you can choose between a new and available anime in addition to my Top 5 or you can choose to have me donate $50 to charity for the Japanese!

Comment on this bonus and let me know if you think it's a good idea. Until later, I'm Richard J. signing off!



  1. For shame Richard... No GiTS...

    Lol I guess I'm more mainstream audience. I do buy all sorts of anime but man it's really hard to pick a top 5 for me. But I definitely think GiTS is my #1. Cowboy Bebop might be #2. Love Outlaw Star too!!! Dokuro Chan was brilliant as well. Also loved Gurren Lagann, Lain, Noir, Madlax, Dirty Pair, Project A-Ko, Claymore, Excel Saga, Chrono Crusade, Lodoss War oh man there is so many I'm forgetting.

  2. Oh yeah i missed ur Gunslinger Girl. That show was awesome too! I loved the 1st season. The 2nd was alright but still an awesome show. Also Gundam 08th MS Team is totally in my top 5! Hmm maybe Slayers... Welcome to the NHK was nice same with Last Exile. Samurai Champloo was badass! 1 of the best dubs! Speaking of best dubs that reminds me of Baccano! That was another killer dub! Damnit Richard you got me going on forever here...

  3. Winning a copy of Outlaw Star would be nice. I've been meaning to get it for years but never have. :)

    @Excel- Lol. I don't bother making "Top5/10/whatevernumber" lists because there's too much anime to chose from, and I like a lot of anime the same for various reasons. :P

  4. @ Excel Generations: I very seriously considered GiTS but truth be told I think the first season is a bit too disjointed at times. The second, on the other hand, is sheer brilliance. (Plus there's Solid State which was surprisingly good for a follow-up movie.)

    @ bal-anime: Any Top X list I make is generally very short and consists of what I both personally love and what I think can be objectively argued to be very high quality. As a result, in the time I've been an anime fan, my personl Top 5 list hasn't shifted much. (Also I generally consider stand-alone anime movies to be a separate category, which is the only reason Summer Wars isn't on this list.)

    I'm quirky about lists for some reason.

  5. Any GiTS rocks! Original movie is brilliant! The 2nd movie was alright and then Stand Alone Complex season 1,2 and movie were also brilliant! I seriously need to buy a Motoko Kusunagi T-Shirt!!!

    I actually thought the 1st season of SAC was a tiny bit better than the 2nd. All because of the Laughing Man! Muahahaha!!! Seriously he owned.