Friday, March 4, 2011

Media Blasters and More Dubbing + Computer Woes

I'm popping in again to briefly talk about some more English dub news from MB! Well, news in the sense that it's already been announced at real anime news sites but maybe you missed it. I can't keep 100% up-to-date myself due to class work! (Fortunately I'm entering Spring Break soon! I'm going to spend it with my family, hopefully getting them to watch some more anime!)

Anyway, for Kanokon fans (hey, can't we all appreciate a nice guilty pleasure title?) the OVAs have been not only announced but according to this blurb, they'll be dubbed too. Good news but tempered by perviously observed technical errors. Man, hope they go back and fix some of the glaring ones for the complete collection.

I won't hold my breath though. I'm not into that kind of thing.

Also, a previously released sub-only series, Magical Witch Punie-chan will get a re-release with an English dub too according to them. This makes yet another English dubbed re-release from Media Blasters to be happy about! (My magical girl love gets a new show! Especially something like this one.)

Details on both plus a little something for the hentai fan in all of us here.

Magical Witch Punie-chan was previously released in 2008 sub-only. I'm hopeful that this is a sign that the re-releases they've so far are selling well. (I'm still hopeful that perhaps Simoun will get a worthy English dub. I deserves a really good one.)

As I see it, MB is still not in the best of shape and I question their long-term ability to survive, especially considering that we are about to hit a second economic downturn (brace yourselves for that $5+ gas environmentalists wanted to see!) but at the very least, I'm very grateful to them for remembering to serve the needs of anime fans who prefer English dubs to Japanese with sub-titles!

Also, an update on my computer: it is working, more or less, but really needs help. I can barely even log onto this site to make this post!

Hopefully over this coming week, I can get it fixed. I can't really afford a new computer right now on top of my anime habit. (Geez, why does law school have to be so expensive?)

Post any comments you have! I really do read every one and I feel just a little more like my existence has meaning when I see them.



  1. Yo dawg, those homies over at teh Medya Blastahz no wut I'm talkin' 'bout, they be dibbin' and the dubbin' and they becomin' my new cool bros dat gimme wut I want.

    .... Is what I'd say if I actually talked like that.
    Atsunobu Hayashimizu of FMP Fumoffu fame would likely translate it to:
    "Hey guys, Media Blasters seems to really understand the pleas of us dub fans. With their going back and dubbing older titles, it's like they're become an admirable brother, who listens to his siblings requests."

    But yeah, Kanokon and QB season 2 aside, we've got 4, count 'em, FOUR new dubs coming from Media Blasters, in just the next few months! One dub a month actually! March- Loveless, April- Kashimashi, May- Mazikaiser SKL, June- Punie-chan. It makes me wonder what July has in store?! (maybe that Strawberry Panic dub they casually mentioned on Facebook...).

    It also makes me wonder if their endless delay of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei could also be due to dubbing? If so I'd be totally excited!

    Though really, the only question left, and the biggest mystery of all is...
    [i]What studio are they working with to get out all these dubs...?![/i]

    That may be a mystery even Detective Conan can't solve yet.
    But these next few months shall be bringing about the solution to that Mystery.

    It's March now.
    Kanokon and Loveless should be arriving in the next few weeks.
    This month is just the beginning.
    Let the year of Media Blasters dubs commence.

    So then, show me what you've got... SIRABELLA JOOOOOOOHNUUUUU!!!
    [/dramatic sound effect end]

  2. Augh, that one part should've looked like this:

    "Though really, the only question left, and the biggest mystery of all is...
    What studio are they working with to get out all these dubs...?!"

    Silly me forgetting Blogspot uses HTML... o3o;

  3. Good to hear Media Blasters is dubbing titles they have already released as subs. I am behind on picking up Media Blaster titles lately. Hope School is going well for you. ---Archaron

  4. Woot more dubs! Oh Richard... sometimes you are a little too negative nancy lol. You Debbie Downer you... ;D

    Seriously though these dubs are going to be awesome! The only show that I'm not interested in is Loveless. :P Sorry I just can't do it!

    If you guys go to cons you should hit up a conversation with MB they are sooooo cool! I always thank them for their work. Dokuro Chan stole the con for me last year. So damn funny! It's brilliant watching a show like that with a bunch of friends.

  5. I got to talk to Sirabella at Otakon last year. Twas coo'. Then I bought Figure17. Delicious.

  6. @ bal-anime: Dude, that was an epic post!

    @ Everyone: My blog posts are travelling through time due to my computer weirdness! I posted this just yesterday but it came from March 4th?!?