Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strike Witches Review Up On ANN!

Hello all of you out there who read my poorly written and not-updated-enough blog! Some of you already know this but awhile back, I was given the chance to write an official review for ANN (that's for anyone who somehow has never heard of them.) That review is now up! Yippee-ki-yay, John McClane!


Here's a direct link to my review!

The experience of getting to write a review for an official and respectable source like this was great. I learned several things, like how you really shouldn't bug your editor when he's working and that I tend to repeat words and have some other issues. (I'll try to work on them and hopefully none of you have suffered too much from my blathering here. ;) )

I have no idea if I'll ever get to do something like this again. I'm not expecting to but I'd say yes without hesitation if asked. (I'd beg to do more but I'm not sure how effective that would be.)

Anyway, just making a mention since several of you encouraged me previously about this!

To think this is all because of some forum bluster on my part and probably some sort of pity on Zac's part. So this is all because I use the Internet!


The Internet works in mysterious ways. Does that make it God?

Nah, probably not, but it is awesome that I got to do this. (Now I'd better stop writing before I start developing Swollen Head Explosive Syndrome.)

Next post will be much more serious.



  1. Great Review! You did a good job on it!
    It's nice to see a positive review on ANN for a title so fanservicey.

    Only issue I see is that "Lili Marleen" wasn't actually used in FUNimation's release. The song used to replace it was "Negai no Tomoshibi" sung by Rie Tanaka in character as Mina from the "Strike Witches: Anata to Dekiru Koto" game CD recently released in Japan.

    Great Job though!

    I wonder what your next post could be about.

  2. Let me be the first to say "THANK YOU" for managing to get a positive review of Strike Witches on ANN. It was almost guaranteed that ANN would tear this show to pieces had they reviewed it, so I'm glad they gave you the opportunity to review it instead.

    Hopefully your review will help boost sales of this excellent yet under-appreciated series. Great job!

  3. Hmm, I keep trying to post here and get side tracked, yay! Wait not yay! Anyways good review, your review was probably much better then my was.

    I guess it proves to me that I do have to do a little more research on my reviews. So I do thank you do for that. Also thanks for the history lesson too.

    Anyways good review. I stopped reading ANN reviews, due to they are one sided at times, in animes like this one. Sorry, I'd like to say more, but I really can't.

  4. @ bal-anime: I'm aware of that error in the review. I sent a correction in but I guess it was too late to fix. (I shouldn't have gotten it wrong to begin with so I consider it my personal idiot tax.)

    @ Janai: I'm glad you liked the review and I do hope the sales are good for Strike Witches. At the same time though, I honestly tried to be objective and point out the shows weaknesses as well as its strengths. I was told to give my honest opinion and I tried to do it fairly.

    @ wilhelminaanime: Nah, I'm average at best. Trust me, I got lucky here.

  5. ExcelGenerationsApril 9, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    Great review Richard! I think Strike Witches is selling well I recently went to a few Best Buys near me and a lot of their copies sold. It's very similar to what happened with Baccano for me. I tried to get a copy and BAM they were sold, I also didn't feel like waiting for Rightstuf to ship it so hence the multiple Best Buy visits. :)