Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funimation Licenses Dragon Ball Kai.

Oh like anyone else was even in the running. Funimation owns this franchise in ways almost as legitimate as the Japanese. (Not literally but you know what I mean.)


Like a raging storm of shonen action and fanboy bait, Dragon Ball Kai (which will go by Dragon Ball Z Kai here in the states) has descended upon licensing news analysts in a shocking move that is sure to stun exactly one groundhog who was too frightened of his shadow to learn of this license first hand. (Phil will be informed after the additional six months of winter.)

Sure none of us were expecting this. . . . Really, we're all shocked. . . .

Okay, not really but level with me folks: wouldn't you totally be shocked if this were animated and licensed?


Yes, yes a thousand times yes.

Ah, but we'll have to live with epic Goku and epic DB action. Not a bad thing of course.

Now, try to figure out which roles will be re-cast in the English dub due to various actors having retired, not wanting to reprise roles or generally being hated by fanatic fans who are already frothing at the mouth. (Certain posters out there are clearly rabid!)

Bonus points if you can tell me what English dub I referenced in the first pic. Remember, I'm testing you all and you need all the points you can get before 2012, when a giant panda will appear to destroy the Earth, powered by the collective squees of the masses. (That's right, a PANDA, now you know the truth hidden from you that I have discovered in Dan Brown's secret sock drawer!)



  1. DBZ would be so much cooler if it were about Shinku and Suigintou.

    Well anyway, I'm considering picking up Kai since it'll be significantly shorter than Z.

  2. As for your question about the first picture and the quote. I really honestly don't know. If I had to take a guess,Cowboy Bebop or Trigun for no reason.

    As for Kai, I probably won't buy it. I want to, but don't have the room. That's the only downside to be an Otaku is ROOM. *Goes off to play the lottery*