Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Perils of the PS3 and Funimation's New Year Roll Out!

Ah, Christmas was good for me and I hope it was for all of you who celebrated! And of course, if you didn't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had some equally enjoyable celebration, holiday, party, festival, pagan ritual, cult event or whatever!

Just thought I'd check in to talk about a few things.

First, on a personal note, I got a lovely PS3 for Christmas! It's great, so great in fact that I've been almost relentlessly playing on it since I plugged it into my TV. It also kinda creeps me out just a bit. I was born in 1982 and originally played freaking Nintendo. This thing is so far above the original NES console that actually thinking about the leap in tech is kinda dizzying. (Am I the only one who ever thinks about this? My first computer used 5.25 floppies for crying out loud!)

The PS3 has more space on it's hard-drive than my actual computer does, can access the 'net through the wireless network in my house and the graphics are just amazing on the games I've been playing. (Got Ghostbusters, Dead Space and Silent Hill: Homecoming and bought Devil May Cry 4 myself. All fun by the way though I have sort of a love-hate relationship with Devil May Cry.)

Anyway, I've been a slave to the sleek black gaming deity for a while but I'm finally starting to disconnect more.

Though I'm also having an extremely strong desire to write brutal and bleak Dead Space crossover with various anime fanfic. Let's not dwell on what that indicates about my psyche.

So speaking of anime: An important news item is that Funimation, their name be praised by all English dub fans, is doing a week-long Roll-Out Riot starting January 4th. Yes, I know you know but maybe you don't know what I know you know or someone else doesn't know what we know that we know, you know? (I've always wanted to write something that pointlessly wordy and confusing. ;) )

Next week I'll be showing up every day to comment on the choice of show. Hopefully I'll even post something semi-interesting!

Till next time my friends!



  1. Yeees, I'm looking forward to Rollout Riot! I'll see you then next week I suppose!

    All I'm hoping for out of this is the second season of When They Cry... that's all I ask ;-;

  2. Are there any titles you are hoping gets mentioned? I made a list of what I am hoping for here:

    I cannot wait for the Rollout Riot. Thankfully I will be off most of the week when they announce them and will post my thoughts on my blog as well. Looking forward to hearing yhour thoughts on the titles mentioned!

  3. @ The Allengator: There's a lot of sequels I'd like to see licensed but most of them are connected to Geneon and I'm not sure if the corporate shuffling that was going on in Japan is over yet. Out of strictly Funi stuff, I'd love to see more of Hell Girl and XXXholic licensed.

    Out of things never touched before, I'm not really sure. Funi's less willing to license things that they can't get all the rights to out front (you know, like streaming rights that another company like Crunchyroll already has) so I'm not sure what has a real chance of getting picked. I'd love to see several of the series/continuations you mentioned picked up.

    I'm just keeping an open mind right now, not narrowing myself to a list. They really surprised me with several titles this year.

  4. @The Allengator: That's a nice list, I'd be happy if any of those got licensed (though I have yet to see Kaze No Stigma)

    FUNimation has quite a few shows that have sequels that I'd love to see sometime. I really enjoyed Hell Girl and xxxHoLic, and would love to see more of those as well.

    As mentioned, my biggest hope is for the second season of When They Cry. It's a loose hope but I took notice that they're putting the series online in a hurry, they've already got the whole series on their video portal, and they're putting the episodes onto Youtube quickly, at a much faster pace than other shows such as Shana. Plus, putting it online at all must mean they at least have streaming rights for the first series.
    That's a relatively poor excuse to have hope, but hey, it's hope.

  5. My main ones I want to see licensed are Shakugan no Shana 2 and Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. I'm trying to keep an open mind about series too, but I think we've gone too long without these two the most. There are several series I'm sure I haven't heard of that I may end up enjoying (never heard of Soul Eater or Baccano until I watched some episodes online), so I'm definately going to check out each one they mention to see if it will be one I desire to see or not.

    In any case this will be one of the very few things I look forward to next week and can't wait to see which titles they mention. Everyone seems to have their favorite choices, but I will be glad if any of my picks get chosen as obscure as some may be.

  6. Richard, yeah I know what you mean. I used to be a huge gamer (of the games I had, but now the newer games just fall flat. It's too much about the graphics, online (yuck) and game play, that they skip out on the length. But it makes for an excellent anime DVD player.

    The sequel I want dubbed is Shana 2nd season or Hell Girl. Those would be my top two right now. If not the Shana movie would be an interesting pick up. I can't wait to see some of the titles they pick up. I do hope they do get Toradora and not Sentai, thought, even if it is announced later.

  7. @ Yuu Anime: I wasn't really meaning what I posted in a negative way but I do agree to a point with you. Online games don't appeal to me (and they don't stay around forever either!) and it is a pain that games have become a lot shorter. On the flipside, the more advanced graphics make for some stunning games and extremely versatile game engines.

    The thing that bugs me the most with game makers though is the lack of consitency. I don't have the money to buy every single console and handheld that comes out and it drives me mad when the companies put out part of a franchise on one system and part on a different system. (Dead Space, a game I enjoyed quite a bit despite it being a tad short, has a prequel game on Wii. Why? The first game WASN'T EVEN PORTED TO WII!!!)

    That just drives me nuts. Just pick which consoles you want a franchise on and have all of it on them.

  8. Sorry didn't mean make that sound negative either. That was my bad. I didn't know how to word it correctly.

    But I do with what you said in the last lines.