Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Reindeer Everyone! (That's Christmas in Hiyono-speak.)


It's me again, you're humble Richard J., hoping to snag a little delicious Christmas dinner soon. (God, I can smell the ham cooking right now and both a pecan and a sweet potato pie were made last night! DROOOL.)

Before I eat or go through the loot for this year, I wanted to wish all of my readers a wonderful time today and all the way to New Years. May your time be blessed and fun!

So whether you like your Christmas like this:


Or like this:


Just remember this: Whether you are a person of faith or a non-believer, this is the time to set aside hate and try, if only for a brief moment, to find comfort, joy and love with our fellow human beings. I hope that everyone out there is finding a bit of peace this year and that all of you my readers will stick with my unreliable self in the New Year to come!


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  1. It is still X-Mas here. So Merry Christmas to anyone here included Richard.