Friday, June 3, 2011

Return of the Heretic

Sorry all for the long absence. First it was my Legal Writing assignment (80% of final grade) and then studying for and taking finals (several being 100% of final grade) and then I packed up and came back home for the summer. Yes, I returned home to a house that isn't air-conditioned on account of my mother not being able to afford it and the power company being a bunch of lying, cheating, evil and cruel jerks who send out employees to read meters when then just put down whatever the year before's reading was and leave. (Aside from a signed confession, we're quite sure we've enough evidence that anyone, except the power company reps who INSIST that mistakes NEVER happen, would believe.)

Of course, none of you are interested in my trials and tribulations.

Sadly, this post is mostly that kind of chatter. I got a late start on it due to a power outage yesterday and today being a "run around with my Mother and take care of things" day.

Well, I got a new phone out of the deal. Once the rebate check comes in, it will only have cost like $10. (I can't find a belt holster I like though.)

So enough about me, let's talk about this blog. Some of you have surely wondered if this blog was dead.

I hereby assure all of my readers (God bless all of you or if you'd prefer may Haruhi bless you) that I fully intend to keep up this blog and get back to posting my thoughts on things. I make no claim to know any deep secrets or to have any special knowledge but I do love English dubs and I do worry deeply about the legal anime industry. While others may worship at the alter of digital-only subs forever, I never will.

Also I'd like to do more contests in the future but for now, the current one will be it for a while due to financial strains. (I have to get my own anime before I can get anime to give to you for free!) However, there will be a second Strike Witches contest when the second season comes out. Same deal as the first one when the time comes.

As for now,

please enter the current contest

if you have any interest in any of the series or if you don't want them for yourself, enter if you know someone who'd like them. Currently I can flip a coin to decide the winner. Go here for contest details.

Finally, I'm going to try and post more because I'm seriously falling down on the job! I'll post again before Monday about some of the current dubbing plans, promises and possibilities.



  1. Yeah! Richard is back! :) Sorry for the bad news about Monster though... :( It's actually my 1st time being screwed by Viz.

    Btw everyone I was the 1st to own Titty Blade er Queen's Blade 2! Muahahaha

  2. Good to hear from you again Richard J. Hopefully things will get better for you. I think we can all relate to having some bad luck, just try not to let them get you down.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm getting my act back together, it's just been a crazy time. The heat, the driving, the waiting for grades and the stress of being a fan.

    I feel like Kamille at end of Operation Maelstrom somedays. (Zeta Gundam reference.)

  4. Best of luck, and welcome back (it's Wilhelmina Anime, but just too lazy to log in)

  5. What happen to this blog?
    Here is a video for fellow Eva Dub Fans..enjoy!