Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sustain the Industry Video! First Vid EVER!

Okay, now that midterms are over (hurrah!) I'm back to hopefully entertain you here at Blog of a Heretical Dub Lover! I'll post several things to make up for the long drought but up first is my first forray into YouTube land!

Yes, I decided to make a Sustain the Industry video like I talked about before and try to get in on Robert's special deal before it was too late. I actually planned to do this a while back but, well, midterms, studying, activities and general malaise kept me from getting to it.

Better late than never, yes?

I'd love to hear your comments about this video. Do you think I did an okay job? What did you like or dislike? Did I go way over the top with Windows Movie Maker?

Well, short post is short. Let me know if you'd like to see more videos on this blog from me.



  1. Just see my comment on You Tube, it's SaberSamaRukia. Really nothing much too add from what I said there.

  2. Cool vid! ^^

    When I got the 2009 eps of Haruhi, I marathoned all 28 episodes in one day, lol. Endless Eight does start to drain you if you watch it all in a row like that, but it makes the payoff in the last of the eight that much better XP
    I loved seeing the 'Sigh' story animated though. Mikuru beam~!

    I did the trade-in program for Ghost Hound to get the dub, but Rightstuf sent me the Blu-ray by mistake when I asked for the DVD set... now I have to wait til I get my eventual PS3 to watch it, lol.

  3. Yeah that was pretty good. Your face reaction to the endless eight comment was priceless plus an added little hand jazz. :D

    I just took advantage of the Section 23 sale on rightstuf. I picked up the remaining Sentai dubbed shows I haven't picked up yet.

    Also nice to see that you bought the Corpse Princess bundle with the T-Shirt giveaway. Got mine too! :) I really loved that show as well.

  4. I'd probably reformulate that as:

    "If you're not also spending, etc..." then someone else is. And at some point, there won't be an anime industry that makes the type of anime you want.

  5. Glad the vid was liked. I wanted to do it a lot sooner but I ran into several technical difficulties and got delayed finishing it. (Plus tests happen.)

    @ linger: Actually, given the numbers, I don't think others are spending. The industry is shrinking over here dramatically and it's contracting in Japan, becoming ever more otaku focused. Not necessarily a bad thing but the result is fewer and fewer western viewer friendly titles getting made.

    While a fair number of my favorites aren't non-anime fan friendly, a lack of variety breeds stagnation and collapse.

  6. Oh yeah, there is a stupid prick in Twitter who thinks that NA companies should stop with the English dubbing and instead focus more on licensing more anime and put lots of VA out of work. His name is "jlskun1." That fuckhole is hypocrite who say he loves dubs but he also wants anime companies to stop dubbing.

    And if Toradora! isn't re-released with a dub before 2012, I'm going to put all the blame into this motherfucker. And you guys can go spam in that guy's blog and Twitter as well telling him that Toradora! deserves to get a dub with Cristina Vee as Taiga:!/jlskun1

  7. @ darkpaladinx: jlskun1 sounds like quite a fool. Or perhaps a better term is troll? How else can you explain someone who claims on the one hand to love English dubs while then saying companies should stop dubbing. The paradox is explainable only by a trollish nature or a severe lack of understanding of reality.

    I agree that a Toradora dub would be awesome but I doubt we'll see it.

  8. NIS seems to be pretty bad at releasing products. And no way in hell are they anywhere near the best and listen to fans. I think NIS is one of the worst. When I was at AX they were terrible at wanting to listen to anything you had to ask them. I simply said it would have been nice to add an English track because that is what I really want rather than a subtitled product that is so blah for Region 1. Long story short they gave me what I like to call "the dumb routine" totally pretended that they didn't understand me and started talking Japanese to each other, but they were very good at giving me the stink eye.

    Rightstuf... yeah well they are way too small for a licensing company and I doubt they will ever go back to dubbing unless things start moving again. My friends, brother and I always say "they need more Ninja Nonsense". :)

  9. >"Long story short they gave me what I like to call "the dumb routine" totally pretended that they didn't understand me and started talking Japanese to each other"

    Ohgod... this sounds like an awkward situation... I can imagine it now...

    EG: "Hey guys, you know, giving your titles an English Dub would be really cool :)"
    NIS Guy: "Gibing zem a wat?"
    EG: "An English dub... you know... dubbing over the characters dialogue in English..."
    NIS Guy: [to NIS Girl] "Wat iz dis Engurish dabu? I have not heard of sach a sing..."
    NIS Girl: "I dono.... dabu... dabu... I neva heard dis term..."
    NIS Guy: "Maybe if we stare at heem long enough he'll go awey..."
    EG: "..."
    NIS duo: "..."
    [ExcelGenerations has fled!]

  10. Lol... yeah pretty much... It was very rude. I mean common! You have a customer/fan whatever you want to call me and they start talking Japanese to each other totally ignoring my request. It was completely different from Bandai or better yet Funimation's and Media Blasters' booth. Wholly hell they are amazing! They interact with their fans! I ask them questions, they ask me questions! I swear we were family! Section 23 was even better than NIS. S23 was more of a "can neither confirm nor deny" type but still talked a bit, so it wasn't a total lost from them. Funimation and Media Blasters are by far the best with responding and interacting with the fans. <3 I even got them some sales for Dokuro
    Chan. People would walk up asking about it and the MB rep would tell them what you get and point to me saying he said it's excellent etc etc. So I would go in depth with my experience my friends, brother and I had in the hotel with such an amazing show! Cha-ching! Sold! :)

  11. I have to agree.
    With Media Blasters, their CEO John Sirabella works their booth personally sometimes. I even got to have a nice convo with him at one point. ^^
    FUNi's great too, just look at the convention posts at their blog and you can tell.

  12. Oh man... today I just took a huge hit in the throat. I guess the complete collection of You're Under Arrest is the final nail in the coffin for the series to continue with an English track. :( The first series, ova specials and movie were EXCELLENT! I didn't even bother buying season 2 and 3 due to the absent of an English track. It's just not the same... at all...

    That was the main show I wanted S23 to dub and Hell Girl but definitely YUA! I hate this so much! I won't even bother posting on AoD either, that place is a poisoned community.

  13. Yeah, It's sad when continuations of shows with great dubs are sub-only... (I'm currently watching Hell Girl 2 and 3 subbed, and while the show is brilliant and I'm enjoying it, I'm sad that it has no dub)

    On the bright side, Needless is getting a dub, and that show looks like it could be crazy fun.

    BTW, how do you feel that AoD is a 'poisoned community'?

  14. Ahh it just feels insane all the time. I hardly post on there anymore because of the crazy people crying and arguing every min. I think that site has a serious insane OCD problem. Too many idiots posting every 5 mins trying to defend their invalid points. You know that typical "I must win the internet debate." I only really go there now to check out the new art covers and latest news. Just kind of tired reading all the garbage, you know what I am talking about... hell even Media Blasters talked about it at AX with me. Just insane...

    I never picked up the new season to Hell Girl or YUA because I just didn't care to watch them in subs especially since their first seasons ended nicely. I guess I'm fine without the continuation, even though it would have been awesome to continue with their kick ass English tracks! :(

  15. Yeah, I understand what you mean about AoD. Especially for the recent month or two with everybody over there getting on FUNi's case about the credits stuff which, while is a legitimate complaint, they are blowing way out of proportion and are making waaaay too big a deal about. It's true that community isn't what it used to be.

    On the topic of Hell Girl, I'm just going to say that season 2 is brilliant... I'm actually very much in awe of how amazing the last 5 to 6 episodes of that season were. Even though it's sub-only, I'd have to recommend the second season just for that last multi-episode story... sigh, if only it were dubbed, lol :P

    Yaknow, this makes me feel like I'd enjoy a nice Genshiken-esque group discussion with you and Richard about what's going on in the anime world right now and what all we're watching. You all seem like pretty cool guys ^^ *shuffles off to my corner with my new Sekirei, CANAAN, Eden of the East, and FMP DVDs*

  16. @ bal-anime: Any group discussion with Cliff's bound to be a fun time! All of you guys are great though. Anime fandom is fortunate to have people like you in it.

  17. Aww thanks Richard! ;D

    Sorry for the delay bal-anime. LOL Genshiken group discussion that's hilarious! Loved that show! I have recently purchased a TON! Thank god I have Thanksgiving break and X-mas break coming to help me watch some of these shows! I just recently finished Casshern Sins and wow that was really really REALLY good! I told my friends to come over and watch it because it was not only a show with an excellent story it had that "Manime" factor. Too bad they didn't so their loss. ;D

    Ok from what is left off my Funimation order thanks to TRSI's sale awhile ago has me needing to watch: Kaze no Stigma, Sengoku Basara, Sekirei and Oh Edo Rocket. Section 23 sale just recently I have to watch: Blue Drop, Canaan, Ghost Hound, Tears to Tiara and Xam'd.

    Thanks Sentai for dubbing your shows! All I need is Legends of a Dark King. Is it any good though? I haven't read or looked into it. School, work and anime is a terrible schedule! Common holiday break! Come sooner!