Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Update: My Time Management Skills Suck!

Hello everyone! Despite how it may have seemed, I am actually alive and kicking. I just have the worst time management skills of all time. My ability to to schedule and to keep a schedule is terrible.

Here I am at law school and half the time I don't even do all my reading and such for class because I can't seem to make myself keep to a schedule. Sadly, this is a life long problem and it will probably never improve. Well, maybe I'll get better when I join the military. A JAG officer probably needs to be disciplined right?

Anyway, today I make a vow to you my followers (and I'm grateful to all of you new followers!) and that vow is that I will try to maintain at least a 2-3 blog posts per month average from here on out. I'm actually a bit disgusted with myself for letting this blog lay fallow for so long. So I'm going to try and get my act together from here on out.

Now, lets talk about something cool that's going on in the anime fandom world!

Robert Brown of the Anime Corner Store, to promote the recent fan movement to "Sustain the Industry," is offering a $25 merchandise coupon for customers who put up their vids and show they bought from RACS. Details here.

Can I just say, I admire the person who came up with this idea of promoting the industry. It's a true act of positive effort to improve the rather bad situation anime fandom is in. (And the more gets sold, the easier it is to justify the costs of an English dub!)


If any of you have bought from RACS recently or plan to buy from them in the near future, you might want to take advantage of this. (Who knows what videos might show up.)

By the way, a minor update since I'd previously mentioned I'd be writing a review for Kanokon for ANN and for the stream of Strike Witches season 2. Theron Martin decided he did want to review the first volume and he has obvious seniority, so my review got rejected. (Sad panda.) However, I'll be writing reviews for the next volumes when they finally get out. In the case of Strike Witches season 2's streaming, as it turns out I can't review both that and the DVD release. So, in order to be able to review the English dub for season 2 as well as season 1, I've opted to wait.

In the near future, I'm going to try and find out about some other series I'd like to review that are coming out soon. (Hopefully, Zac will be receptive.)

Last thing, on a personal note, my family's income has dropped significantly and things are tight. Still, we've got a little discretionary funds so I'm still able to buy anime/manga on occasion. I've just got to keep my electrical bill low, not have cable/satelite and take advantage of every damn coupon I can. I can't even eat out more than about once a month. Basically, if we could just sell some property so we're not being strangled by the taxes (they doubled when the economy tanked, thanks very much government leeches!) and at the right price, we might actually be okay even with no one really working right now.

Anyway, law school isn't quite as hard as people made it out the be (or I'm not working as hard as I should) and I'm feeling surprisingly good about my life right now. Not great, since I have no real social life but okay.

All things considered, just being alive is something worth grateful for right now.




  1. Welcome back! :D

    Glad to see things are going well for you.

    I think it's interesting what RACS is doing! Not sure if I'd participate in it though.

    As for ANN reviews. A release I'm really looking forward to is FUNimation's February release of Chaos;Head. It'd be cool if you could review that, maybe? Though that release is quite a ways off...

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around! ^^

  2. Well I'm glad your ok, and I still wish for the best in the money situation.

    I do plan on start buying for RAC, but I'm waiting to judge them on the Sanya figure I ordered (I forgot). If they are good, I might split my purchases all around. Since Best Buy store in my town is a complete failure to anime fans. Heck I think our local Wal-Mart MIGHT have a better selection. Sorry for rant, but last time I went I was just sad.

    Yeah I can understand the time management thing, I sort of struggle balancing stuff out with work, anime and stuff. The best advice I can give is just keep on truckin.

  3. @ bal-anime: I'll ask Zac about Chaos;head. No promises.

    @ wilhelminaanime: The Wal-Mart might have more anime than the BB? Holy crap, that really is a reduced selection. Sorry to hear about it. (No apologies needed for that rant.)

  4. Oooo! I must have missed this post! That is an awesome deal from RAC! I have purchased some anime from that store before. I'm going to take advantage of this! Thanks for this info Richard!

    God my Corpse Princess and Hetalia is still reserved sitting in a box waiting to be shipped from Wrongstuf. Uhhh how long does it have to sit till they ship it? It hasn't been "On order" for weeks now... I'm going to call them if it isn't shipped on Monday. I don't get it I have never had a problem like this from them before.

    Also anyone see the new Full Metal Panic Fumoffu trailer from Funi? It's pretty epic if you ask me lol.

  5. @ Excel Generations: Yeah, the RACS deal is nice. I'm going to try myself once I figure out a decent sized order.

    And yeah, that trailer is cool.

  6. I got Fumoffu on pre-order. And then go to watch the full series on Blu-Ray.

    @Excel, I've had that problem before on other sites. My best advice is usually break up your orders (mainly on Right Stuf) with Company (ie, Funimation, Viz, Sentai, etc) and release date as separate orders. Since I've done that, I've had no problem with Right Stuf. I usually don't put more then two dvd's on one order.

    As for the speed, at times one thing will hold it up. Expically if they don't know one of the release dates is coming soon or not. Well I hope for the best.

  7. @Richard
    Yeah the last time I went (about less then a month ago, the local Best (Worst) Buy, they had two columns or basically one shelve of anime. Take out Bleach, Naruto and Dragonball you really only had one column worth looking at.

    I've been there over a year, and I've noticed a series major decline. It used to be almost an entire row and 1/2.

    Yes it seemed that way, when I went to Wal-Mart that there selection (less titles) was more bigger. Yeah it is sad thing, I just really wish someone would bring something over in my boring BIG town that had anime stuff.