Sunday, September 19, 2010

Need a Replacement Photo Host.

Hey everyone! Richard J. here to navigate the blogosphere with all the care of a drunken Congressman a stimulus bender! Viva la spending other people's money!

After having a second issue with Photobucket, I've decided that I really should just avoid the irritation of dealing with them getting worked up over content. So, for the sake of ease of use on this blog for future reviewing or posting about anime that might be a tad ecchi, I need a new place to host photos so I won't have to deal with images being removed for violating idiotic terms of use!


Really, even drawings are a problem? What the heck is this world coming to?

Anyway, if I'm going to be able to show the cover for the DVD of Kanokon volume 1, I've got to get different account.

So can anyone help me out here? Let me know if you have any good suggestions!



  1. I don't know any sites except photobucket which I hardly use anyways lol.

    So the picture that was missing was only the cover of Vol 1 from Kanokon? I didn't get to see it b/c it was already removed when I saw your post. That's really lame!

  2. There is one place someone I know who is a little bit of an ecchi fan that uses ImageShack and Picasa. I really can't vouch for them, sorry. This is just from someone else, who hates photobucket.

  3. It was just the cover? Really?

    Wow, funny because I have an image on my PB where the cover is part of the image, and that hasn't been taken down lol (

    The worst I've uploaded was a scene of nudity from the Higurashi When They Cry visual novel (let's just say in the VN Satoko didn't go to conveniently get clothes before the bridge scene...) but I actually took that down myself before the PB no-nudity-nazi's attacked, lol.

    Anyway, the only other image host I can think of would be imageshack, but I'm not sure if they'd allow those kind of pictures there or not either, so... *shrug*

  4. Photobucket has alway been harsh on that sort of thing unfortunately. I have used Picasa before and they link in with Gmail if you have one of those accounts.

  5. Can't you just upload them to Blogger directly from your computer? I've done so before. Saves me the minor hassle from uploading to Photobucket, then linking from that to Blogger.

  6. Speaking of Photobucket though, this is the coolest thing I ever put together with it:

  7. Hey everyone, I'm going to look into all of suggestions this weekend (last weekend was kinda a mass of stress recovery) and I'll let everyone know what I decide to do.

    Mostly I'll keep using Photobucket but for anything that I think might trigger another missing pic, I'll use the secondary choice.