Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Dub Updates

Due to a combination of inherent laziness and massive cleaning duties (oh God, the horrors I've seen and smelled) I've been a bit lax in posting. Hopefully, I'll have several reviews up this month and perhaps even a delayed contest! I'm just trying to have fun while doing all of this so schedule slips are inevitable.

Now put down the torches and pitchforks, gather in a semi-circle around me and let this old man (27 is kinda old right?) comment on some dubbing news.

The April 30th ANNCast revealed some details on MB's English dubs for Kanokon and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan! I haven't actually listened to the audio myself but the details were mentioned here on Mania.com's AoD forum. Personally, I saw the mention of "partisan politics" with the ANNCast and just said "okay, can I please have my anime talk without that?" Really, unless a law will affect anime or a politician is bad-mouthing it, I'd prefer to not have to hear about anime and politics in the same article.


The news is, Dokuro-chan will get a Bang-Zoom! dub and Kanokon will get an Arvintel dub! Now, the former should remind us all that Bang-Zoom! isn't gone from this business yet and we've got several chances coming to show our support for them. The later might make some wince. I've personally not heard an Arvintel dub before to the best of my knowledge but I'm glad to risk the possibility of a bad dub than have no dub at all. I'm a gambling man, I'll take a chance of quality over the certainty of absence any day. Media Blasters may not always use the best possible dubbing studio but at least they're still trying to dub some things. For a while there, I thought they'd completely abandoned us English dub fans.


God I hope Christina Valenzuela is cast in this somewhere.

Also, I have to admit I have a fondness for fanservice comedies so I'm pretty happy with Media Blasters' licensing choices lately. As a wise person posted, even if you think another series was more deserving of an English dub, that's no reason to bring other series into the debate. It's not a zero sum game.


Oh yes, I wish I had those kind of problems.

Also in the news (well, if you bookmark Twitter accounts) Stephanie Sheh revealed on the 29th of March that she'd started work on the English dub for Haruhi's second season! Recently, she posted that her work on Endless Eight recording had started. It looks like Bandai Entertainment's needed time to get everything together, hopefully so they can dub both the new season and the movie together. (Or the Japanese were late delivering production materials or it just took this long to get ready or Stephanie Sheh is late to the new dub recording or any other dozen possibilities!)

It is great news for fans to learn that this dub has started though and to have further proof that, yes, the original English cast is back. Since this English dub is coming from Bang-Zoom!, we should pay special attention as well. What is the future of Bang-Zoom! dubs after they complete work on second season of Haruhi and the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya?


Mikuru: That's classified!

Richard J.: Curses, foiled again! Sometimes, I fear the secretiveness of our temporal overlords.

Well, that's it for this random and slightly pointless dub update. I'll try to be a little more interesting in the near future. (Do you like catgirls?)

Oh, before I go, let me thank all of you for reading this blog! I really never expected to have so many followers when I started. To be honest, I didn't expect to break double digits. So thank you all so much and I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading my posts!



  1. Ah, Stephanie Sheh. Your voice could get me through the worst anime in the world. Possibly. Anyways, keep up the good work Richard, and congratulations on the ever increasing number of followers! I believe in you!

  2. At least they are on that nightmare of endless eights.

    And we've got information on Kanokon dub (plus a super fan service cover). I'm still not sure if I'm going to buy Dokuro-chan again.

    Oh well, at least Bang Zoom is being used again. It will be interesting to hear them again.

    Hey keep up the good work, and I look forward to some (if not all, well ok all) of them coming soon.

  3. ExcelGenerationsMay 5, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    Excellent dub news! Bang Zoom! does some great quality work. :)

  4. Great News here! I'm looking forward to all these dubs!

    To compliment this entry, I'd like to say I got Queen's Blade vol.1 in today, and this is the dub info on that:

    Studio: Headline Studios
    Directed by Joe Digiorgi
    Adaption by Dan Greene

    Leina: Angora Deb
    Risty: Jessica Paquet
    Nanael: Jessica Calvello
    Shizuka: Georgette Reilly
    Claudette: Gladys Weiner
    Tomoe: Michele Knotz
    Echidna: Trina Hilbe
    Elina: Melissa Hope
    Melona: Darla Chaney
    Priestess: Chiara Park
    Ninja Leader: Wayne Grayson
    Narration: Mitzi Shanks
    Vance: Dan Greene
    Mikado: Chiara Park
    Lady Konui: Chiara Park

    Additional Voices: Mitzi Shanks, Wayne Grayson, Dan Greene, Melissa Hope, Chiara Park, Michele Knotz

  5. Oh look, Media Blasters uploaded some goodies:
    Kanokon ep1 dub: http://www.media-blasters.com/KanoKon/index.php?page=watch

    Watching now, sounds like Kouta's Mona Marshall

  6. Arvintel Dubs are always awful. You can tell it's a budget studio. They use some of the same talent that the other LA studios use, but most of the voice are people I've never heard of. I'm glad they are getting dubs, but sadly, I can't afford to buy something I have zero interest in. As for the ANN Cast "partisan politics" deal, it was pretty annoying. I wanna listen to the ANN Cast for Anime stuff, not Zac's BS Libtard garbage. Keep up the good work!

  7. @ Gaddes Reinhart: Actually, Kanokon's dub sounds decent so far. Not award-winning but not an ear-bleeder. Though if the show isn't your cup of tea on any level, it's your money and your choice.

  8. @ Richard J

    Ah. I'm glad it's turning out ok. Arvientel seems to get the bottom of the bottom barrel show, well at least they use to. I remember their dub of that abortion of a show, Genma Wars. Now that was an AWFUL dub.