Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Fun Update!

Hiya dubbies! Richard J. here once again, proving that evil never truly dies. I was planning a silly post but I'll delay it another day or two (haven't finished it anyway due to teh lazy) to bring up an update.


First, a few quick Tweets from VAs info: Stephanie Sheh has finished the Endless Eight dubbing (hmm, not really endless was it?) and Kelly Sheridan has begun work once more as the awesome badass Sango the demon slayer! I adore Sheridan in that part so I'm super psyched that I'll absolutely get to hear her in Inuyasha: The Final Act. (The way VIZ is going lately, I was starting to worry!) Even ANN cares about this one.

Now if they'll just ensure a certain VA gets to come back for Naraku, then I'll stop worrying.

Oh and Funimation did some license announcements. I for one am thrilled! The forums are already filling with "why harems?" and "this is why I don't buy anime" types of posts but, hell, when do anime site forums NOT fill with that kind of negativity? Plus, perhaps the "I don't buy" crowd should consider that the reason the anime they like doesn't get licensed is that they don't buy anime.

The consumer decides what series will be licensed and as it turns out, anime with fanservice, harems or other forms of wish-fulfillment like violence and super-powers are what sells best. Why? Simple, reality sucks. Instead of spewing fan hate, maybe folks should spread some fan love for their preferred genre? (Nah, that'd require them to respect opinions they disagree with!)

Anyway, the license pick ups are: about fraking time that Rosario + Vampire and Rosario + Vampire Capu2 got picked up. I have no opinion on Chaos;HEAd, Chrome Shelled Regios, Rideback and Heaven's Lost Property aka Sora no Otoshimono yet but an excellent license rescue for GUNxSWORD. (Seriously, this show is pretty damn good.)

Also, Funimation announced English dub casts for Eden of the East, Casshern Sins and Shikabane Hime (WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG?!?)


Quoting from ANN article:

The English dubbing cast for Eden of The East (with ADR director Mike McFarland) is as follows:

Akira Takizawa: Jason Liebrecht
Saki Morimi: Leah Clark
Juiz: Stephanie Young
Kuroha Diana Shiratori: Christine Auten
Daiju Mononobe: John Gremillion
Micchon: Stephanie Sheh
Haruo Kasuga: John Burgmeier
Sis: Lydia Mackay
Kazuomi Hirasawa: J. Michael Tatum
Satoshi Osugi: Michael Sinterniklaas
Panties: Newton Pittman

The English dubbing cast for Casshern Sins (with ADR director Jason Grundy) is as follows:

Braiking Boss: Paul Slavens
Casshern: Eric Vale
Luna: Trina Nishimura
Lyuze: Brina Palencia
Leda: Shelly Calene-Black
Ohji: Jerry Russell
Ringo: Monica Rial
Dio: Jerry Jewell
Dune: Jason Douglas

The English dubbing cast for Shikabane Hime (with ADR directors R. Bruce Elliot, Terri Doty and J. Michael Tatum) is as follows:

Keisei Tagami: J. Michael Tatum
Makina Hoshimura: Luci Christian
Ouri Kagami: Aaron Dismuke
Rika Aragami: Cynthia Cranz
Saki Amase: Monica Rial
Takamasa Sōgi: Joel McDonald
Itsuki Yamagami: Cherami Leigh

I haven't watched Eden of the East or much of Casshern Sins so I'm not sure what the think of those dub casts yet. Shikabane Hime's however, I am liking that cast. Aaron Dismuke for Ouri is an especially nice surprise. Can't wait to hear him in it.

Great big con announcements to be had here though. And so far, all of Funimation's licenses have gotten dubs! As long as that continues, every one of their licenses must be treated with special care by English dub preferring anime fans. Whether you think their dubs are great, mediocre or completely blah, the point is there's always a dub for you to try and find out if you like it or not with them. You get the chance to decide for yourself if they've made a good dub or a bad one.

We don't get to make that judgement as often as we'd like. So let's enjoy it every time and support everyone who is happy these shows were licensed and will be dubbed! Even if you hate these anime, remember to be happy for those who love them!

Well, that's all the time I have for today. Soon I'll post a silly thing, a couple of reviews and info on my Strike Witches contest.

See you next time, same blog channel, variable blog time.



  1. I really hate to sound both like the anime fandom and a broken record, but overall all the acquisitions get a big "MEH" from me. I'm really trying my hardest to get into the titles they have licensed lately, but I just can't. Perhaps I need to find a new hobby or something. Hopefully some more interesting ones will be announced during the main anime con and/or comicon.

    Love the casting on the shows, though. Looks like Stephanie Sheh is going to be working with Funi some more than just Strike Witches!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome!

    I for one am ECSTATIC that Chaos;Head is coming over to the US! I really enjoyed the Visual Novel of this series, and though the anime disappointed a bit in the adaption, it's still fairly enjoyable, and I can't wait to hear it dubbed!!

    Sora no Otoshimono is another great pickup for FUNi. I watched some of it on Crunchyroll and it was pretty awesome, with very nice characters and plot!

    Rosairo+Vampire is a good choice to pickup for the reasons you've mentioned. I'll probably buy this as well since I enjoyed volume 1 of the manga!

    Regios and Rideback are in consideration as well. But FUNi REALLY won points with me this weekend! And just think, if this is what they announce at Anime Central, what will come of AX and Otakon!?
    This will be a great summer!!

    Wow, I haven't been this excited in a long time... FUNi really is showing how great they are to me lately.

    As for the dub casts, I'll be getting Eden of the East and Shikabane Hime. So It's nice to see those casted! I see some great VAs in there.

    Despite Endless Eight's rep, I really look forward to seeing it dubbed. Nice to see they've reached the halfway point and finished EE. (for Sheh anyway)

    Oh man, I'm so happy right now. Things are looking bright. Those haters on the forums can shove it, because I'm satisfied right now.

  3. Trust me as an anime fan of old, I'd probably not be happy with these licenses. Mainly because I was anti-fan service. However, I have taken a new look at it. I've taken a look as it's dubbed, and therefore I should buy it, to support the dubs. And that look has worked better for me. I've also taken a different look at fan service differently too, but that doesn't need explanation :D.

    I couldn't get Chaos Head visual novel to work on my PC and that made me mad. Anyways, I'm glad they picked up that series. I had a feeling that anime would be picked up soon.

    As for Haruhi endless hell, err eight. I'm sort of ready to sit through it. I know I might not like it, but what the hey, its still dubbed anime so that is good.

    As for the rest I looked them up, Rosario which I just looked up for more information. It looks interesting and I'm glad Funimation got it. I sort of can't wait until it's out.

    As for Sora, that looks very interesting and an anime that can be very promising. Even if it is like To Love Ru (by Sentai) I'm ok with it. This is probably the one that has the most promise of the many titles.

    As for Chrome, split on that one. But I will probably buy only because it is dubbed. I have no honest opinion on it. It looks like a flop from Wikipedia info, but ANN makes it within my taste. So not sure what to say on this, but thanks Funimation.

    As for Gun, not sure what to say. It can be promising. Sorry, not sure what to say. It doesn't look in my taste. I might get it, but I'm not entirely sure.

    As for Rideback, I'm split on it. However it looks more interesting then Gun.

    Well none of these license surprised me. Funimation did an ok job. I just wish I knew when they would get those Geneon titles. Mostly Nanoha 3, Shana 2 & 3, and Higurashi OVA, 2 and 3. But at least Funimation is keeping the anime dubbing alive with lots of titles.

    I also can't wait until there Full Metal Panic blue ray in August. Oh well, not much we can do if "fan service" animes are being dubbed. At least we didn't get all fan service or harem. I'm just happy I will finally get to see Chaos Head.

    Sorry for the long post :D I'm just happy at with most of this titles. Some I just have to question since I don't know much on them.

    As a side note, is anyone else having problems with posting through the LJ thing?

  4. It's good to see some titles get a new life, though I will reserve judgment on them until they get released.

  5. Eden of the East cast! ^^. I don't know half the voice actors, and that makes me so happy. I am so tired of hearing the same voice actors in absolutely every show.

    As for the licensces. Chaos;Head! I can't wait. I usually tend to avoid shows that have 1 male and 3+ females for the promo picture, but Chaos;Head surprised me so much. I mean, it's about a semi-NEET that has to solve murder mysteries.

    Overall, can't wait.