Monday, March 15, 2010

Section23/ADV To Dub Clannad, Ghost Hound & MORE!


Ah, it's nice to be proven wrong about a company.

Richard J. here to add my voice to the legions of fans who are currently filling the world with their squees of joy.

From the very beginning, I thought Clannad and Ghost Hound were EASILY the titles that would sell the best and would benefit the most from English dubs. Now, we're finally getting those dubs we should have had from the beginning! (Pass the Hilary Haag please!)

Plus we're getting dubs for Blue Drop, Tears to Tiara and Fist of the North Star: Legends of the Dark King. (Can't say I'm interested in all of those but dubs are always a welcome addition.)

Hopefully these dubs will improve Steven Foster's image with some fans. (While he's not as awesome as Kyle Jones, he's hardly the menace some fans make him out to be.)

I may have to skip meals for it but I'm getting Clannad no matter what! Just when I was starting to convince myself that I really wouldn't have liked it anyway, they go and do this. Thanks guys.

Now can we please dub more? Pretty please?



  1. This news is great! I'll probably end up getting all of those titles (with the exception of North Star, which doesn't interest me).

    I already have Clannad and Ghost Hound on sub DVDs, so I'll be seeing what their "Upgrade Program" has to offer.

  2. I had to laugh, because I kept telling Bal-kun, that there is like high chance of releasing to dub later on. It likes my gut feeling was right.

    I just want to know how the transfer thing will go. That peaks my interest, because 3 of the 4 I have already.

  3. I am very intruiged by this news. More than likely I will get Clannad. I really hope they do good enough so other titles and companies who have done sub only releases can take note and posisbly do the same with others!

  4. This has got to be the best news from S23/Sentai ever!!! My big wish list is You're Under Arrest and Hell Girl to be dubbed, but this is excellent news!!!!!!

  5. you think "Ghost Hound" will/would sell the best with a dub? IDK about that. Dark Kings has my money, as the title I think will do the best with a dub if I were a betting man. Of course that's the one title I WON'T be buying. Seeing how badly Kino's Journey did for ADV (their last Nakamura show) and le chevalier deon (their last IG show), I'm surprised they are even dubbing this at all. But I'm very happy, as it's one of the shows I'm DIEING to see.

    Anyway...This is all around GREAT news. Now everyone BUY THESE SHOWS, or else this won't last too long.

  6. @ Prede: I don't think Ghost Hound will sell the best of the group but I do think it's a title that would have been more profitable overall with a dub. It's one of those titles that people don't talk about but they do buy, you know?

    Just my take on things.

    Besides, Section23/ADV isn't footing all of the bill here. Perhaps the other companies know something they don't. Time will tell.