Friday, July 31, 2009

Personal Update: Law School This Year?

Hey out there in blogo land! It's your Navigator Richard J., servant of some guy who keeps talking about people dying when they are killed. Funny man.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm preparing for a deluge of reviews in August. I had hoped to get out my first anime review this month but it looks like I'll have to push it back a bit. I applied to law school a few months back and I'm currently in the final running on the wait list for Georgia Law! (This would be the University of Georgia's Law School program, one of the best if not the best in the South.)

Had to send them some more info and discuss living arrangements with various parties today so I couldn't put the finishing touches on my first anime review.

However, tomorrow I will be uploading another exciting review! (Well, I hope it's exciting to someone!)

I'll be introducing a standard review feature as well. My personal odd version of a star meter.

And no, there are no panties.

Just thought I should give a quickie update on why you're not able to read another review here yet. Hopefully, you'll think this one was worth the wait.

In other news, a certain anime company that certainly dubs all of it's certainly awesome library of titles is kicking ass and taking market share. Gee, I wonder who I could be talking about?

At least one company is still giving this hopefully-soon-to-be-going-to-law-school-otaku what he wants!


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