Monday, July 20, 2009

Blood+ Part Two FINALLY COMING???

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Well, we've heard a lot of interesting and in some cases frustrating news from Otakon this year but one thing you may not have heard about is that Sony may have fially gotten a clue about Blood+! Kai may have had something to do with it.


Everyone needs a good Clue Bat. Read here the words of Robert of the Anime Corner Store from his newsleter:

Check this out! At the AniPlex booth they were saying that Sony will be releasing the second half of Blood+ this October to coincide with the DVD release of the live action Blood movie. Now that's music to my ears, though I'll be happier when we hear it directly from Sony - aka, an announcement and a set date.

*EDIT: He's added this info to his blog.

Amazing! Simply amazing. We may finally get the rest of the series after all.

This is great news for fans of the series and the dub, which though lacking in some areas features fan favorites like Crispin Freeman, Kari Wahlgren and a personal favorite of mine Lara Jill Miller.

Now might be the time to finally pickup that Blood+ boxset you've been wanting.

Maybe Sony hasn't completely failed us yet! In fact, perhaps they always intended to tie the second release in with a related release like this and were frustrated by some delay.

Okay, that might be giving them too much credit but hey, as long as we finally get the goods!



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