Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lucky Star Not So Lucky.

Hello my few and faithful blog readers. It looks like I must report some very unfortunate news to those who may not have heard it yet. As your Navigator, sometimes I must do these things.

I have just learned that the Lucky Star OVA, something I personally was looking forward to very much, will be sub-only. Here is an excerpt from Robert of the Anime Corner Store's news letter addressing this harsh reality:
as well as getting a firm date for the Lucky Star OVA (though the release will be subtitled only, which has caused a bit of consternation among fans)

As an English dub fan, I am appalled by this turn of events. Recently I have become increasingly certain that English dubbing is about to become a thing of the past with Bandai, with the possible exception of very high profile series. (Even there this may not happen as recent economic conditions, which I fear will grow only worse as predictions of even greater loss of jobs are made, dictate ever weaker productions to attempt to maximize profits.)

So, I am afraid that rather than charge a little more and put out a truly worthy release, Bandai will release the Lucky Star OVA sub-only. As a fan who waited patiently for the dub and the DVD rather than watch a fansub, I feel cheated. No, more than that, I feel betrayed. Bandai shot themselves in the foot by saturating stores with multiple versions of the same series, poor replicators and production issues and now they punish fans again after reversing their plans for Hayate the Combat Butler and other series.

I personally will not buy this title now. I require an English dub to truly enjoy my anime.

Well, sorry for the bad news friends. Hopefully this trend will not engulf Funimation as well but I fear that too shall come to pass.

Sad to say bye-ni this time and, apparently, for the last time.

If I do add regular reviews, it appears that they will increasingly be only from Funimation until the end of dubs themselves.

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  1. It's quite sad to see the lack of dubs from Bandai releases... I was really looking forward to dubs of Hayate and the .hack//GU Movie too... but I guess that'll never happen now

    Oh well, at least Media Blasters seems to be doing a bit more dubs lately... (Genshiken 2~)