Friday, February 20, 2009

And Behold There Was a Sign. . . .

Welcome all to the first blog of my life. My intentions with this blog are to talk about anime news and comment on it, promote my personal audio preference and generally squee over the squeeables.

I am Richard J. and some of you who come here may know me from posts on ANN and AnimeOnDVD. (I'm sure others are as uncreative in usernames as I am so please check before attributing posts to me on other sites.) I'll be your navigator on this blog and, with luck, you'll think of me as a friend.

So, to open this up, let me talk about why I've named this blog what I've named it.

The title of Heretical Dub Lover is a self-proclaimed one that has nothing to do with actual theological realities. Rather, it comes from my split from the orthodoxy of sub-love. Surely some of you will laugh at this but for me, the dub is best way to enjoy my anime.

I took the title as a joking self-reproachment as well as a statement of preference and mainly used it while conversing with a fellow fan who was a sub fan. (Yes, dub and sub fans can co-exist in peace, at least some of us.) She found the title funny so I used it more than once. Now you know the story which doesn't really mean anything but reading it was a good way to kill time right? Right?

Anyway, some news you may or may not be aware of:

Funimation has licensed a gob of new titles! Among them are Bamboo Blade from D. Rights, Tower of Druaga from GDH, Dragonaut from GDH, Blassreiter from GDH, My Bride Is A Mermaid from Media Net and El Cazador De La Bruja from D. Rights by the press release's words. Now, if you're a fixture on ANN or AoD you already know this but for those who didn't, I hope you'll join me in calling for awesome dubbing on all of these releases!

There is another license expected to come!