Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. There's been a perfect storm of legal writing and exam studying combined with severe technical difficulties. Hopefully, I should have some of this resolved by week after next.



You see, the problem is I do my blogging on my desktop computer which is, unfortunately, reaching the end of its life. To keep from losing it entirely before I can ready a replacement, I'll be doing almost everything off of my laptop. So please understand that for a while after this post, my blog posts will lack pics (no image editing software on the lap) and may be a bit less complex than some of my previous blog posts.

However, I'll try to blog a bit more to make up for it.

Info on the contest, entry E-mail link and list of titles in the package will be made public March 14th. Since my Top 5 may not be to everyone's liking, there will be a special bonus that I'm sure will make the contest appealing to more folks.

What will that be? Eh, you'll have to wait and see! (Yup, I'm a terrible tease.)



  1. More blogs can only lead to awesome-ness!

    Top 5 weeee! I like so many shows it's hard to name my top 5. I think Ghost in the Shell is my #1 though.

  2. Yeah I wish I'd make more time for my reviews, but I've gotten back into video games and that kills whatever time I have left to myself. Best of luck to you.