Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update and Poll

Hello everyone! I have returned from a combination of winter break laziness and first week back at law school mental breakdown! Richard J. here to try to get things going again on this blog. (Wow, I have GOT to stop doing this whole disappearing thing!)

Anyway, let me explain myself. At first I was on break. . . .


Oh the joy of sleeping in late, eating home-cooked meals I didn't have to cook myself and just being lazy in general. I played games and watched anime and read manga and relaxed HARD. I spent lots of time with my family, talking about all kinds of things both serious and light-hearted. I helped clean up a building (urgh) and cleaned a little in my room (yah!) and then I just sort of went into hibernation for the last week of break.

Seriously, I basically did nothing for the last week but eat and sleep.

It was bliss. Of course, I meant to do some blog posting too but, well, like I said I got pretty lazy.

Then, my winter break ended.


I figured I was relaxed enough to be ready to deal with the rigors of law school once again. So I drove up, unpacked and got ready for the start of a new term.

Sure, I was a bit nervous because I still didn't have some of my books (slow delivery is slow) but I wasn't too worried. I mean, I've done this sort of thing before. Last term wasn't so bad in the end. I even did pretty darn good on my finals! (High Bs and an A.)

But then classes started.

I wasn't mentally prepared after all.


Yeah, it was kinda like that.

I didn't freak out in class or anything but my stress levels shot through the roof. I started drinking to mellow out. A bottle of wine was gone in less than a week and I usually drink so little and so slowly that a bottle of wine lasts nearly a full month.

Obviously, I was a bit nervous.

Then things started to pull together as the week went on.


My books came in, my family helped me to get one of them from a special "first come, first served" deal after finding out the one I ordered was wrong and they even came up to visit yesterday.

I'm feeling quite a bit more mellow now about this term. Ah, I think I can manage this after all. Hey, if I could make it through the first term and pull off those grades, then this shouldn't be too much worse, right?

So that's how I came to be in a good enough mental state to start blogging again.

To make it up to everyone for being gone for so long, I'm doing another contest! I want your opinions though! So take some time and do this poll for me.

What Prize Should The Next Context Have?

I'm going to be quite busy this term but I hope to be able to post enough to please ya'll!

Until the next post, please vote in this poll and comment if you want! Future polls will be widgets but I wanted to confine this one to this post to make sure it gets attention.

My plan is to give away some anime and I need to know what method to my madness you'd prefer!

Until next time bloggies!


*Edit: I just want to clarify: Yes, I meant "contest" and not "context." I'm not sure if changing the title will foul up the polling so I'm leaving it that way. (Thanks to bal-anime for putting me on notice!)


  1. LOL Satoko
    Nice to see you're back, and I'm glad to hear you're doing well now ^^

    lol Context, I think you meant Contest :P
    But yeah, I voted Five Random New Releases, since that seems to be a nice giveaway for a contest. Though I am interested in what your Top 5 are.
    As for the Vocal Collections, maybe sometime down the road when more of them are out? *shrug*

    Anyway, glad you're back! I look forward to the next posts. ^^

    Oh, by the way, Durarara's coming out this week. Are you excited for that? I sure am! Have you checked out the dub clips? They sound good. :P

  2. Weee new post! During my winter break I was watching all kinds of shows but wow... I still have tons to watch. I also have some pre orders like Eden of the East The King of Eden. Pre ordered from RACS so I get a cool T-Shirt!!!

    I also learned that you can never help the industry because all those purists who download their anime will never change and laugh at you. Seriously some fairly new post on ANN was off the hook! I even had a friend post too and ANN ended up removing his post. Some of those crazies basically said there is no such thing as dub hate and Funi bashing etc. Yeah ok... I only ran into these people my whole life even at my college. I swear ANN and Mania are pro asshat purists. Why would they remove a comment defending dub fans and standing up to idiots who are clearly living under a rock. No dub hate?!?! Whatever...

    Oh yeah hey Bal my When They Cry vols 4,5,6 replacements from Funi worked! :) Also were any of you able to see the Summer Wars movie? I hope it gets nominated it was so good!!!

    My Durarara shipped over the weekend, can't wait!

  3. Glad to hear your WTC discs work! ^^

    Summer Wars didn't air at a theater near where I live so I never got to see it. But I have the DVD pre-ordered along with NEEDLESS from Sentai.

    I'm so excited for Durarara! :3

  4. @ bal-anime: Okay, I totally missed that goof in 3 re-reads. I'll blame it on. . . eh, the devil's grandmother.

    @ Excel Generations: 10-1 some of those purists hit the "report post" button and got the post nuked. Can't say for sure without having read the comment though.

    Part of the problem though is while we've all read the posts attacking dubs, Funi and anyone who pays for their anime, we rarely keep track of them for future reference.

    We need to start bookmarking them or keeping links to them.

    And I envy you getting to see Summer Wars in the theater! I didn't get a chance and I'm psyched for it's release!

  5. Good to see you posting again Richard J. Good luck with Law School.

  6. @ archaron: Thanks! So far, Legal Writing and Jurisdiction and Judgments are the only nasty classes. Consitutional Law RULES! My professor is one of the legal advisors for the multi-state healthcare suit! How cool is that?

  7. Good luck in law school.

    Glad to see you back. Odd 3 way tie for the poll.

    Hmm I really don't know what else to say, just look forward to what ever comes up next from you.

  8. Ok I changed my vote to a real category. New releases are always good I suppose. :)

    What are you guys watching/waiting to watch? Here's my list:
    Phantom(bout to pop it in tonight)
    Project Blue Earth SOS
    Tokyo Majin
    Durarara(still on its way... Want NOW!)
    Sacred Blacksmith
    Tsubasa(entire damn thing! Season1,2,movie,OVAs)
    Weather Report Girl

    Meh Pre-order list!
    Ga-Rei Zero
    Summer Wars
    Hero Tales
    The King of Eden
    Rosario Vampire

    I need to get Needless but yeah I have alot to watch right now and those pre orders look delicious! I think I'll grab Needless at Fanime or AX.

  9. I'm currently in the middle of watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sacred Blacksmith, and Phantom. All are pretty awesome :) and yes, I'm JUST NOW watching Eva for the first time. [/slowpoke/jpg]

    I watched all of Durarara part 1 when I got it yesterday. It as FANTASTIC! I hope you guys enjoy it as well! :3

    Also, my copy of NEEDLESS part 1 just shipped today

    Things I have pre-ordered right now:
    Clannad After Story
    Durarara parts 2 and 3
    EotE: King of Eden
    FMA Brotherhood Part 4
    Ga-Rei Zero
    Rosario+Vampire (both seasons)
    Summer Wars

    Things I'll eventually pre-order later:
    Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka ( subs)
    Clannad Movie
    NEEDLESS Part 2
    Kanokon Complete
    Loveless Vocal (I-it's for my girlfriend! I-it's not that I'm i-interested in this yaoi-esque show! B-baka! *tsun*)
    Kashimashi Vocal

  10. Yeah I can't wait to watch Phantom and Sacred Blacksmith! And lol at your sub show. I have been thinking of getting Samurai Harem and To Love Ru but I remember seeing them sell very well last year so I'm hoping for a dub soon. ;D
    Same with that Papillon Rose, but apparently R1 got the edited version so... yeah... Man I really love dubs tho... /cry

    I totally forgot to order Kashimashi! Since it's so close to Fanime I'll pick it up there.

    Oh yeah hey Bal what's your mania name? So in the future if I spot something I can write you there too.

    I also just found out that Summer Wars was NOT selected as a nominee for the Academy Awards... Somehow I knew that was going to happen but common! This was sooo the best animated feature of the year! Toy Story 3 was fail compared to it! Seriously!!! Same with How to Train Your Dragon! Arghhh!

  11. On Mania my username is BalmungHHQ ^^

    And lol, the reason I'm probably gonna pick up Akane Iro is due to it being an "obligation buy" since I watched that back when I used to watch fansubs... ^^;

    I too am hoping for a To-Love Ru dub someday :P

  12. Glad to hear you're doing alright. =) Good luck with school!

  13. @ normalmar: Thanks for the good luck wish!

  14. Hey guys! Just found out about a S23 sale on rightstuf! Ok so yeah now I'm tempted to order Needless now rather than the con season... Also saw Guin Saga. I love fantasy shows! Question though! Is there a part 2 to it? I don't see any cover art or anything about a part 2 on mania. I don't watch fansubs lol so I don't know. Infact the only fansub stuff I've seen were some Bleach about two years ago on youtube. I just never cared to watch stuff online. It's TV, DVD and Blu-Ray for me! Meh collection rocks, it's plentiful and beautiful! ;D