Thursday, June 24, 2010

Resting But Thinking. . . . SW Contest Update

Hello everyone! Richard J. here (no, really, I'm alive!) While my will to blog has been poorly affected lately, it's not like I haven't been thinking about what to do here.

Articles, reviews and general silliness on my part have all been planned. I'm hoping to also catch up on some things I'd planned to do in the past and just plain forgot to do. Basically, I'm going to try and start getting my act together more over the next few days. However, for a little bit longer, I'm going to try and rest myself up.


For a while now, I've really been feeling down and worn. Sometimes I felt up and worked on this blog or posted on's AoD forum or ANN or Funi's blog. Mostly, I've been really wasting time doing nothing of great significance. Well, I am taking swimming lessons but those are more tiring and a bit stressful. (I've been playing mindless games and over-eating a lot. Depression repression.)

Well, if I don't start doing something I'm going to go completely nuts. The heat is terrible, the family finances are barely holding up and a family member is in serious trouble that just won't go away. It's just so nice when people are punished for obeying the law and doing their job. (Yes, I'm quite bitter and damned angry. The unfairness is disgusting.)

I realize though that nothing is going to change unless I choose to act. It's a small step but I can at least re-organize my room and do more on this blog right? Those aren't Herculean tasks right?

So look forward to more from me. I'm still here.

And so is my contest! (Ooh, mood whiplash!)

When Strike Witches was licensed, I felt a personal call to anime fan duty. I openly supported the show because I thought it sounded interesting and vastly different from many of the shows being licensed at the time and, in a twist worthy of a pretzel, an off-hand comment about ANN's review staff not being capable of a review that didn't insult Strike Witches' fans, I received an offer from Zac of ANN to review it.

Now, for the price of FREE, you can own this series that I thought was pretty damn fun. Go to this blog post for details, click here for my ANN review or go ahead and enter the contest here! (Just give me your name and address please!)

Every entry counts! Even though you can't all win, you're all very important to me for having entered!



  1. I'm looking forward to what you have planned for the blog, and I hope for the best with everything you're going through! :)

    By the way, have you gotten a chance to check out the new Clannad dub? It sure is great that a series originally put out sub-only is now being released with a dub.
    Especially considering the fact that it's apparently selling really well (!
    I personally think this shows that there's a clear dub market out there that supports dubs, even though a lot of the time it really doesn't seem like it.

    And according to TRSI, Sentai's upcoming release of Xam'd is having a dub right off the bat, just like Golgo 13!
    Sentai Filmworks is really picking up the pace on dubbing!

    It really seems that the dub market is starting to show itself again this year, don't you think?

  2. Trust me I know how easy it is to push off the reviews and just keeping doing that. I've pushed off some of them.

    Right now just take your time and rest and get well. Still hope for the best and hope things go ok to great from now on.

    That's all I can really say, and trust me don't tire yourself out with the reviews. I've done a lot this week myself and I'm tired :P

  3. @ bal-anime: Oh that is so cool, I'm the guy who posted that on ANN!

    I've actually yet to get Clannad as I am behind on some anime watching and I wanted to get Dokuro-chan too. (Kind of a "what once was subbed only now is dubbed" event.) Now that Dokuro is out, I'm ordering both ASAP.

    @ wilhelminaanime: I got a lot of mental stress worked out by re-organizing/cleaning part of my computer room. I feel worlds better.

    It's funny what little things will do to improve a person's emotional state. (Now if I can just hold it together for the next 3 years so I can get a law degree and a decent job, I'll be set.)