Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dubs Rising: Clannad After Story, Rosario and More!

Hello to all of my followers! (You're still out there right?) Looks like once again, the Fates are smiling on we English dub fans! Once upon a time I made a heartfelt wish. It was a small and simple one but important to me.


Now that wish has been answered.

Today, news came from Izumicon via a post on's AoD board and later ANN, that Clannad After Story and the Clannad movie will be getting an English dub! David Williams will return to ADR directing to co-direct with Janice Williams! There will even be an exchange program like there was for Clannad, meaning once again English dub and sub lovers can live together in peace and harmony!

Well, okay, that's probably wishful thinking since there's always someone who has to spoil our fun with unnecessary fan hate but right now, I'm giddy with joy! I feel like Scrooge when he found out the spirits did it all in one night! By taking this course of action, Sentai Filmworks will please a hell of a lot of anime fans and prove once again that the anti-moe fanatics that attack all Key productions can't do much against the consumer might of dedicated pro-anime fans!


Remember, though the battle may be a long and difficult one, in the final battle good always triumphs over evil. Fan love will, in the end, prove victorious over fan hate! So take a moment my readers and congratulate yourselves on being part of why these English dubs and more are happening. You told them what you wanted, you bought what you could to show them your support and now English dub fans are getting a little encouragement!

Further, Section23 licensed Needless, a series that from what I've read will become a personal favorite. (Crazy sci-fi action mixed with wacky hi-jinks and lolicon themes? Dudes, you know I'm there!)

Of course, that was a sub-only announcement, right? I mean, they usually are right?

Wait, hold on, let me double-check that news article from ANN. . . .


Ooh snap, Needless is getting an English dub too! (Okay, I didn't really need to check, I already knew. Did you?)

Truth be told, I barely even pay attention to license announcements that don't come from Funimation any more since most of them are sub-only but lately, the fragments of ADV have gotten my attention! Now, if they can just get into an all-dub-all-the-time mode of business, we'll be in full on miracle of anime time.

As long as I get what I want, I'm quite satisfied to be proven relatively wrong about the future of the fragments. (Though I think I'm being proven right about the need for English dubs!)


Speaking of Funi. . . have you been waiting for the English dub cast to be announced for Rosario Vampire or it's second season, Rosario Vampire Capu 2? Have you perhaps felt a sense of faint hope that the series might get the art box treatment? Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

I'll assume you want to know so here's a cast list for Rosario!

Moka: Alexis Tipton
Tsukune: Todd Haberkorn
Kurumu: Brina Palencia
Yukari: Monica Rial
Mizore: Tia Ballard
The Bat: Jerry Jewell
ADR Director: Jason Grundy (No relation to Solomon.)
If you don't believe me, go to Funi's blog and check it for yourself! Oh and some additional details:
Rosario + Vampire
Available on DVD Spring 2011
•Art box
•Art booklet (subject to change)
•Contains episodes 1-13
Rosario + Vampire – CAPU2
Available on DVD Spring 2011
So we've got another sweet art box and booklet coming our way like the one for Sacred Blacksmith. (Ooh, will there be another centerfold? Dang Funi, how about one of these for season 2 of Strike Witches!)


Well, that's a lot of awesome English dub news from the big Funi wolf and the rising starfish of Section23/Sentai Filmworks! I love it when good news happens! Lately, it seems like a lot of good things are happening. I got a fair bit of money recently thanks to a family member repaying the loan I gave them previously, several anime I'm interested in are getting English dubs and I'm feeling slightly confident about my law school finals. Guess I should end this blog on a happy note right here!

Oh, wait, I think I forgot something. . . .


Ahh! Stop the death glare! I apologize about that! Chrome Shelled Regios also got it's English cast announced by Funimation and it will also get the spiffy art box plus bonus item treatment!

Casting News:
Layfon: Todd Haberkorn
Nina: Brina Palencia
Felli: Monica Rial
Sharni: Eric Vale
ADR Director: Chris Cason
And some additional info via blog post:
Available February 2011 featuring:
•Art Box – Holds Part One and Part Two (sold separately)
•Collectible Miniature Flag
•Contains episodes 1-12 on 2 discs.
Wow, today was a good day huh? I'm a tad bothered by the English cast repetition Funimation's got going but then again, their regular VAs are quite talented in my opinion so it's fine.

I'm seriously looking forward to more Clannad goodness! Guess I'd better start carving some starfish. (By the way, if you haven't gotten the first season yet, now is the time!)

Honestly, I am so happy for this news! I kept my faith until the very end and triumphed! I'm happy pink!




  1. Clannad After Story getting a dub?

    *Happy Snoopy Dance*

    Now all that I care about getting a dub is ToraDora and Hayate. That will make me feel vindicated.

  2. After Story dub is not shocking to me. I sort of knew that would happen, after S1 got it. So it makes me happy. As for the movie, that's good to know, and it got a dub!

    As for Needles, that's good it's going straight to dub.

    I'm probably getting both Funi shows when they come out. I'm just glad Solomon Grundy isn't in the show fighting a masked knight! (Sorry just had to because I'm super tired).

    Me happy that Sentai is starting dub more know too.

  3. Dubs
    Dubs everywhere.
    I approve~ <3

    Yes, I too am really happy to see After Story getting a dub! I've been waiting for this day for awhile! I've only seen the first half of After Story subbed (back before it was even licensed), so I'm glad I'll get to see the ending in dub, following the wonderful dub of the first season!

    Needless looks like it could be a lot of fun, I'll surely pick that up as well! :)

    As for the FUNi titles, I'll be getting Rosario+Vampire! Funny to see Todd Haberkorn and Alexis Tipton leading a show together again, except this time it's Vampires and not Mermaids, lol.

    I suspect FUNi should be giving out the casts for Sacred Blacksmith and Chaos;Head sometime soon as well. I look forward to those!

    I wonder what other surprise dubs Sentai has up their sleeves? Oh BTW, you guys should check out CANAAN, it's really awesome, with the same character designer as Fate/Stay Night! Great dub too with Shelley Calene-Black and Hillary Haag! :)

    2011 for the year of dubs? I believe so. It sure looks like a comeback anyway. :P

    Oh, I almost forgot. As awesome as Sentai is being lately, I'm sad that they're releasing Koihime Musou sub-only D: ohwell, guess they can't dub everything, I should be grateful that they're dubbing some things at all. Who knows, maybe it'll be something they go back and dub later on?

  4. Chrome Shelled Regios looks like it's going to be sweet! I think this'll wind up being one of those series that I'll wind up buying just based on the trailer alone.

  5. Great news! I don't want to be a Debbie downer but I really wanted You're Under Arrest dubbed! WHY ME?!?!?!!!!!!

    Anyways yeah I saw Clannad moving real well at AX also saw Samurai Harem and To Love Ru selling great in fact part 1 sold out for To Love Ru. So maybe they will go back and dub them. I'll jump on it in a heart beat! <3 English tracks!

  6. English dub To Love Ru would be delicious.... :0

  7. Yeah in all honesty I knew more Clannad dub would come. It did sell out lol and hearing about it selling/trading in program going nuts.

    Hey I marathoned Tears to Tiara the past few days. I thought it was good and accents too! I love fantasy shows but I felt it wasn't a picture perfect one, still decent though, so if you guys haven't checked it out yet you should. I just started Xam'd and wow that show so far is excellent! What shows are you guys on atm?

  8. I should be starting Tears to Tiara around Thanksgiving :)

    Right now I'm watching CANAAN, Sekirei, Eden of the East, Full Metal Panic, and nearing the end of Hell Girl season 3. All dubbed except Hell Girl of course, lol

  9. I actually didn't partake in the Clannad upgrade program, like I did for the other series. I just wish they would have had an upgrade program for Tears. So I didn't buy the dub one sadly (well the blu-ray one, but space is an issue).

    I'd happily trade in TLR, (wow I watched that almost a year ago already). It just makes me sad the My Otome prequel wasn't dubbed (I have a funny story on that one).

    At least we got some strong anime in the first part of the year and that can be a good thing.

  10. I'm happy to see Clannad AS get a dub. It was not a matter of it, but a matter of when. I'll make sure to get it once it comes out.

  11. Great news all around to hear. I hope the 2nd Season of Clannad is good as the first. Nice job on the article Richard J.

  12. @ Everyone: You know, just reading the happy comments is enough to make me grin. It's nice to have things going right for change!

    @ Excel Generations: I just recently finished watching Ah My Buddha through Netflix and Master of Martial Hearts which I bought used from Movie Stop 'cause I'd heard some things about it having an unfinished feeling. Also watched the first season of Gundam 00 again for the first time since it aired on TV.

    I'm going to review MoMH in the near future here and something else (very likely) for ANN soon.

    Next up is probably Ghost Hound.

    @ Archaron: I'm glad you liked the article! I know I'm far from professional or perfect but my goal is to enjoy myself and hopefully all of you will enjoy it too.

  13. Regarding Master of Martial Hearts... all I have to say is, "THAT ENDING..." (was awesomely unexpected) :P

    Ah My Buddha was a nice show, fun to watch ^^ (though sadface at a few characters randomly changing VAs)

  14. @ bal-anime: Your post is very much in line with my own opinions. MoMH was like "okay, fun little exploding clothes panty fighter" and then WHAM. (Okay, I'll save a full commentary for that future review.)

    Honestly with Ah my Buddha, while I dislike re-casts, the VAs were close enough it just wasn't a big deal to me. The differences were negligible.

  15. I have part 1 of Xam'd, I'll probably get to watching it early next year (lol backlogs). Seems like it'll be nice =)

    On an unrelated note, everyone should buy Durarara. Seriously, beautiful anime. And the dub cast is looking amazing as well~

  16. Already pre-ordered part 1! I'm on Sengoku Basara right now. That show too is action packed. Xam'd though was so freaking good! Amazing story! Love Hilary Haag too zomg why did ADV have to die?! Sentai is just such a small fragment of what they use to be........

  17. Hilary Haag is amazing you should so hear her in Blue Drop and CANAAN, so awesome... ;w;

    Next week I'm starting some oldies I missed back in the day with Koi Kaze and Seven of Seven. In addition to that, I'll begin Tears to Tiara as well :D

  18. I was too lazy to send in my sub only Clannad for the dub, and I'll be too lazy for After Story too. =P It's still awesome news for those who prefer dubs.

    And Todd Haberkorn is (almost) in everything...O_O

  19. Ok this week I have been pounding anime down left and right. Sengoku Basara was pretty neat, can't go wrong with Johnny Yong Bosch being awesome. On Canaan now and WOW! Beautiful!!! Can't get enough of Hilary Haag! Easily in my top 5 voice actresses. I need more Haag!


  20. On a good note, Right Stuf finally has an upgrade for Tears, if they have subtitles you can trade it in.

    (I'm not taking part of the upgrade for After Stories) I'm just buying the dub and kepeing the old one's like the first one.

  21. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I sure did!

    Anyways here I am to help out my fellow otaku! While I was on the Funimation blog Rojas posted some funi sales. One of those sales is at Frys Electronics. apparently the sale goes through 12/2/10. I just went today and wow I totally took advantage of that! Tip though! If your products are priced all over, it will obviously mark your lowest item half off. Make separate orders! EX: Newer shows together while your SAVE's are in another order. In the store their sign said good through 11/26/10 but that obviously is a lie since I just bought stuff today so Rojas must be right with the 12/2/10 date.

    ALSO! This sale is good for Section 23! The signs in the store say so plus the website works for it too! Also something strange though it isn't giving you 50% off instead it is giving you a buy 1 2nd FREE! That's awesome!
    Any Sentai or ADV stuff works. Also you can't mix lets say 1 Funi 1 S23. You need 2 of Funi or 2 of S23. Buy away my fellow otakus!!!

  22. Boy I hope you guys are taking advantage of this awesome steal! Lol I made an online order for some older ADV shows I never bought. Buy 1 get 1 FREE! Love it! Also alot of Geneon products counts as Funimation. Just enter 2 products of Funi or S23 and you should see the chopped price in your check out cart. This can really kick major ass with newer titles from Sentai EX: Xam'd Part 1 for $42 then Part 2 Free. :)

  23. NIce, Needless getting an English dub. Needless looks like a nice show to watch. Hey Sentai! Get at least three voice actors who normally works at Los Angeles or Bang Zoom! into Highschool of the Dead and Needless English dubs, and I'll buy both those shows. Otherwise, Needless is on my list only.

    More bargains for the licensors in my blog: