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Inuyasha, Vampire Knight and Kekkaishi licensed by VIZ.

Greetings my devoted fans! (I know you're out there I can hear you breathing! I CAN! I'M NOT HEARING THINGS!)

I'm Richard J., Navigator of this blog and planner of saving money until the day he can dub Lucky Star's OVA. Today I'm going to chatter about some good news in the world of anime, we need more of that right? And it is that the new Inuyasha anime, Vampire Knight and Kekkaishi have all been licensed by VIZ.

Now, I personally am thrilled by this news though not perfectly joyous as English dubbing has not been fully confirmed. However, I hear that Kekkaishi's dub is already being worked on and it would seem foolish to not dub Inuyasha. Vampire Knight is less certain but unlikely to go sub-only as well.

Take note: to date, VIZ has not done a significant sub-only release and though I have not fully researched it, I do not believe they have done ANY sub-only releases.


Inuyasha is the first long-running shonen anime I ever saw. In fact, it was my sister who got me into the series after she purchased the third movie, Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler on a whim. Since then, I've come to love it very much and fully understand why it was ranked 20 in a Top 100 best anime in 2006 poll in Japan. I personally have derived a considerable amount of pleasure from watching this series, though it really didn't click for me until season 2 when all of the cast had finally come together.

To see a continuation announced in Japan and now to have a hope that I'll hear the great VAs that brought these characters to life for me is a joy.

Thank you VIZ from the bottom of my otaku heart.

For those who have never seen the series, Inuyasha is a half-demon who seeks to become a whole demon. He grudgingly allies himself with Kagome, a high-school girl who has found herself in a demon-infested feudal era. Together, they must overcome demons and each other's flaws to protect the Shikon Jewel, AKA the Jewel of Four Souls, which is the key to Inuyasha's goal and the goals of countless monsters. Things are complicated by Kagome's purpose to keep the jewel safe and pure, the machinations of the terrifyingly powerful demon Naraku and his web of intrigue and the feelings in the hearts of the two lead characters.

Inuyasha is a great start-up series for non-fans of anime and an epic adventure tale that will finally get it's final chapters told. Many people believed that the series wouldn't be continued but fans have shown their will matters! Unfortunately, no release date has been announced but that hopefully means they are arranging to get the whole cast back.

In case you haven't sampled Inuyasha at all yet (what, you living under a rock?) VIZ has announced that Hulu will have the first 32 episodes, subtitled, right now.


Onto this anime which surely will appeal to me for my love of vampires. Vampire Knight is a tale of emotion about Yuki Cross, whose earliest memory is of being attacked by one vampire only to be saved by another. Kaname is her savior, whom she protects and is protected by. Zero Kiryu is her childhood friend who hates vampires and believes those claiming to have changed are not to be trusted.

Are the vampires Yuki wants to help sincere in their claims to want to peacefully coexist? Can the feelings she begins to have for Kaname be returned happily? Will Zero's fears be realized and his friend lost to vampiric evil?

Can this show have hotter character designs? ;)

Vampire Knight shows that harems aren't just filled with cute girls and that vampires are always awesome. Also that shojo doesn't have to be just for girls. This series is coming in 2010.


This anime is a mystery to me so I'll be brief. It's coming in 2010.

Okay, that's too brief. Kekkaishi's about Sumimura Yoshimori. He's 14, your average descendant of Kekkaishi, an exterminator of monsters. He wants to be heir to the family but Yumikura Tokine, his elder and a childhood friend, stands in his way. She's his rival.

Saving people, getting stronger and kicking monster butt are the themes of this anime. Shonen show is shonen; in other words that just means we know we can kick back and enjoy the action.

Well, that's it for this entry into the blogosphere's perpetual pollution! I'm Richard J. signing out and looking like this over all the good news we've been getting lately from companies like VIZ and Funimation:

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